With almost 7,500 kilometres of Brazil’s coastline being entirely devoted to beaches, there is no wonder this colourful country is famous for its sun, sand and surf. Sail off the coast to the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago with its world-class diving sites or dock at one of the pretty marinas for a lazy seaside meal or night out in one of Brazil’s premier nightspots. Iguazu Falls on the border between Brazil and Argentina has also earned itself a global reputation for unrivalled beauty - this force of nature is truly in a league of its own, as the largest and most mesmerising waterfall system in the world, and can be found in Foz De Iguazu.

Amazonian Adventure
For spectacularly unique experiences Brazil never fails to deliver, offering a wealth of unforgettable adventures many can only dream about. Be humbled by the amazing Amazon forest which represents over half the planet’s remaining rainforest and remains the most species-rich region of tropical rainforest in the world, full of jaguar, anacondas, kaleidoscopic parrots and giant macaw.

There is no better way to explore this untouched territory than by yacht, cruising the majestic waters of the Amazon River and visiting the Brazilian river towns of Alta do Chao, Parintins, Belem and Manaus. 

Big City Buzz
For the ultimate in urban Brazilian culture, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are enriched with a Latin beat that is both captivating and compelling. Get lost in the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Sao Paulo, the third largest city in the world that over-flows with addictive personality from its jovial locals to its fantastic dining options.

Moving north up the coastline you will find the more traditional Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s musical heart and home to the breathtaking Carnival. An absolute explosion of joy, colour and celebration, this annual parade is an unparalleled festival of life, where intricate costumes, vibrant floats and soul-moving music fill the city streets with verve. Sailing further north brings the seaside towns of Ilheus, Natal and Salvador da Bahia, where stunning golden beaches are the major draw.

Picture Perfect Islands
Brazil's prime location in South America affords it tropical climates, vibrant wildlife and lush forestry - the key ingredients to a perfect island paradise. A day’s sail to Rio’s west is one of the world's little known but undeniably superb cruising grounds; Angra Dos Reis. Including over 360 islands riddled with picturesque anchorages, this area of the world boasts easy navigation and a more laid-back side to the Brazilian character.

The most prominent of the islands is Isla Grande, where the fabulous flora hides monkeys and butterflies that make amazing scenery for a leisurely walk or challenging hike. The diving and snorkelling is also first-class, and the island has no shortage of world-class luxury resorts to enjoy romantic stays, dine on fresh Brazilian cuisine and soak up the Latin island culture.