Western Australia is blessed with all-year-round sunshine and a gorgeous climate that immediately has you embracing an outdoor lifestyle. With clear turquoise waters and inviting white sand beaches, this is an abundant coastal paradise that stretches for over 12,500 kilometres. With many islands, archipelagos and reefs to explore, Western Australia is a fascinating destination for a charter.

The capital city of Perth is certainly far from a concrete jungle, with 19 of its own stunning beaches, including the iconic Cottesloe Beach. Perth is Australia’s capital of sun, and has a diverse landscape filled with flora and fauna that radiate a peaceful natural environment. There is plenty to do while in Perth, from its lively nightlife to bustling markets and marine adventures. A short cruise from the Western Australia’s capital is the playground of Rottnest Island. This small island is made up of 63 glorious beaches, 20 quaint bays and many coral reefs to explore. On land you will become acquainted with the adorably cute marsupials that inhabit the island, while activities such as gold and tennis can also be enjoyed here.

Superyachts have access to unique natural experiences along the West Coast, particularly in the World Heritage listed wonders of Shark Bay and Ningaloo Reef. The largest fringing reef in the world, Ningaloo Reef can be reached by mere footsteps from the beach. Crystal clear waters will allows you to get the very best out of this colourful diving experience, while heading out to Exmouth and Coral Bay you can look out for marine wildlife such as humpback whales, orcas, manta rays and reef sharks.

Shark Bay is recognised for its immense natural beauty and biological diversity. Where red earth meets azure blue sea, Shark Bay is home to an incredible array of unique plant and animal life. Whether a leisurely stroll or a 4WD tour, your sense of adventure will be heightened here. Throughout Shark Bay you will be in amongst 100 known species of reptiles and amphibians and over 240 varieties of birds, while 320 types of fish and 80 different corals can be uncovered in the waters.

To add extra inspiration to your charter, there are a wealth of unique Aboriginal and outback experiences which will forge lasting memories. You can discover the deep connection to the land of one of the oldest surviving cultures on Earth, exploring ancient rock art and traditional bush tucker along guided tours by original custodians of the land. Come nightfall, you may even be treated to traditional celebrations of music and dance.

The experiences and activities offered in Western Australia are phenomenal, and there is always a generous dose of luxury to wash them down with. This is a destination that encourages adventure, and perfectly encapsulates the spirit of a superyacht charter.