For superyachts, this is an idyllic base for thrilling adventures, both in the northern ribbon reefs and into the Daintree rainforest.

Port Douglas is a beautiful town with a seductive laid-back culture that perfectly suits luxurious barefoot escapes. There is an array of opulent resorts and indulgent wellness amenities which are perfect for a rejuvenating tropical break. Relaxation is the only rule in Port Douglas, and superyacht guests love stepping off their yacht to discover the hidden gems in the town.

Port Douglas is well known for its gastronomic delights, with a vibrant restaurant and bar scene to ignite your taste buds in this sumptuous sun-drenched climate. The famed Four Mile Beach is one of the most desirable spots in Australia for beach fun and, although it isn’t actually four miles long, its undisturbed natural splendour and protected wilderness set it apart from others.

For superyachts, the luxurious Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina is the centre of activity in Port Douglas. The redeveloped Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina is part of the esteemed Crystalbrook Collection, which specialises in luxury resorts and experiences throughout Australia, including three located within Cairns. This is apparent in the bespoke service and boutique offering at the Marina, with a full concierge service available for visiting superyachts to maximise the potential of their stay.

With Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina as a starting point, there are many different itineraries which can be taken for guests to explore the northern reefs, exhilarating cruising grounds and surrounding islands. A protected anchorage at Opal Reef allows guests to jump into the water and snorkel with turtles and manta rays, though kayaking and paddle skiing is also popular here. Into the ribbon reefs, there are spectacular dive sites galore, notably Steve’s Bommie which is described as an “oasis in the desert” with abundant sea life.

Port Douglas is also a gateway to Lizard Island, often an emphatic ending point after phenomenal charters through the ribbon reefs. Lizard Island was used by Captain James Cook during the early years of European exploration as a vantage point to map out a route through the reefs, and Cook aptly named the island after the many lizards he encountered on it. Nowadays, Lizard Island is a luxurious sanctuary with rugged beauty, boasting 24 secluded beaches and one of the most exquisite resorts in Australia.

For alternative experiences after time at sea, Port Douglas is also well placed to explore the natural splendour of mainland Far North Queensland. At Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina, you will already feel as though you are in the jungle with the surrounding mangroves, but thrilling helicopter tours can take you deeper into the rainforest where unique experiences await. Cape York Peninsula offers a pure wilderness experience where you can immerse yourself in an Aboriginal culture and discover 20,000-year-old rock art. The Atherton Tablelands are a nature enthusiast’s dream, full of amazing wildlife and dramatic landscapes, while in Undara National Park you can take a helicopter tour over 164 volcanoes, vents and cones.