Famous for its iconic snow-stopped mountains and vast, clear waters, there is in fact far more to the sites and attractions of Canada than initially meets the eye. Bordered by the Arctic Ocean on the north, the Pacific Ocean on the west and Atlantic Ocean on the east, Canada lays claim to the world’s longest coastline. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of picture-perfect seaside towns and villages dotting Canada’s majestic coastline and adding to the extreme beauty of this northern nation.

Canada’s colonial history has enriched the country with an enduring French culture and character which is still identifiable today, steeped in its language, architecture and customs. The number of quaint towns and villages spread across Canada are manifold; complete with European-Canadian charm, picturesque lighthouses and easy-going locals.

From the stunning sky blue waters and icy terrain of Alberta, to the diverse urban metropolis of Vancouver, the sprawling landscape of Canada offers no shortage of things to do and discover.
The country, which is perhaps best known for the metropoles of Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec, also encompasses within its borders a number of picturesque islands offering some of the world’s most stunningly kept shores.

For those interested in immersing themselves in the bountiful beauty of mother nature, Canada is a true haven. Brimming with wildlife parks, remote islands and adventurous hikes, Canada is perfectly primed for adventure. From taking a wild moose-spotting road trip through Jasper National Park, or an adrenaline-fuelled hike up the Athabasca Glacier in the Canadian Rockies, the options are limitless. And for those looking to discover more of the cool and friendly culture which has evolved in this stunning country, Canada’s capital city Ottawa is nothing short of world-class.

City Escapes
Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, offers the perfect city break for travellers all year round. Identifiable by its distinctive Victorian architecture which would not look out of place in London, UK, this idyllic capital is abrim with Canadian culture and charm. Whether your trip to Ottawa is iced in snow in the winter months, or alive with blossoming tulips in the spring, Ottawa’s charming boutiques and respected culinary scene make it a worthy destination on a Canadian tour all-year-round.

Canada, which has brought the world some of its most famous icons of sport, music and popular culture, is a hotspot for the world’s urban elite - offering far more than just a holiday for its visitors and those who choose to reside there. And with its stunning, wildlife-filled nature parks, world-class capital and uniquely colourful history, there have never been more reasons to visit Canada.