While the Great Barrier Reef stands out as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Queensland is also blessed with vibrant city experiences and sensational rainforest escapades, making this region a truly inexhaustible source of adventure. This is the all-encompassing destination for superyachts, ripe for luxury escapes and supported by world-class superyacht infrastructure. It is no wonder that so many superyachts choose Queensland as their base for exploring the South Pacific.

Great Barrier Reef & Whitsundays

The Great Barrier Reef is Australia’s most precious gift to the world and epitomises the adventurous spirit of superyacht charters. This yachting utopia stretches for 2,300 km along Queensland’s glorious coastline, and boasts over 3,000 individual reef systems and coral cays. For visiting superyachts, the sheer diversity of reefs provides experiences like no other. Divers and snorkelers revel in this underwater Eden, with over 600 types of hard and soft coral to uncover, along with 1,626 different species of fish to encounter.

There is no greater destination for barefoot island-hopping adventures than the Great Barrier Reef. Superyachts provide an opulent base from which to explore 600 continental islands, each glowing with its own unique natural landscape. In the northern region of the Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island is a sumptuous luxury resort surrounded by mesmerising natural beauty. Lizard Island is a popular start or end point for a charter through the exhilarating ribbon reefs, with the delightful seaside town of Port Douglas at the other end.

Further south, The Whitsundays are one of the true yachting pleasures of the world, with 74 glorious white-sand islands surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters. This is the pinnacle of beach bliss and laid-back island glamour, where guests can either delve into the awe-inspiring waters or unwind in hedonistic resorts on Hamilton Island and Airlie Beach. The pristine natural surroundings of the Whitsundays offer an idyllic superyacht retreat, though the area is certainly packed full of adrenaline-pumping water sports activities. Some of the most enchanting dive and snorkel sites in Australia are found in the Whitsundays, and so too is the iconic Heart Reef.

City Thrills

Superyachts are welcomed into Queensland’s thriving cities, from the state capital of Brisbane up to the charming city of Cairns. These cities act as phenomenal bases to explore Queensland’s sun-drenched coastline and glistening cruising grounds, and they each offer something spectacularly unique.

Cairns is a major superyacht homeport for the Asia Pacific region, with close proximity to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef but also to the South Pacific islands beyond. Here you will find fantastic superyacht facilities, exquisite restaurants and luxury hotels throughout the city which allow for a seamless transition to land. With no overbearing high-rise buildings, Cairns has the aesthetic of a quaint coastal town and its relaxing atmosphere enables guests to detach from the stresses of the outside world. Cairns offers fascinating on land activities to enhance your experience of Australia, notably the Daintree Rainforest and captivating Aboriginal tours.

In South East Queensland, Brisbane and the Gold Coast are well established as superyacht hotspots. Not only do they boast incredible infrastructure, but the surrounding area is filled with islands and secluded beaches to enjoy. The cosmopolitan city of Brisbane boasts a perfect balance between modern city luxuries and relaxing open green spaces, with an intriguing culture to immerse yourself in. Brisbane has a packed calendar of major sporting events, musical performances and cutting-edge theatre to explore, and there is also plenty of thrilling cruising opportunities in the surrounding area. Moreton Bay is a boating hub adored by locals and international visitors alike, while North Stradbroke and Fraser Islands also provide fabulous retreats where you can embrace the outdoors in a stunning setting.

The Gold Coast presents superyachts with the ideal balance of luxury city amenities and beach glamour. Its renowned tourist hub of Surfers Paradise is dotted with fine dining restaurants and lively bars, many overlooking its immaculate coastline. The southern beaches of the Gold Coast provide a more laid-back, boho atmosphere where surfers flock to make the most of this sublime environment. Behind the glittering sands is an enthralling hinterland, less than an hour from the city. Incredible treks through this undisturbed natural Eden lead to magical waterfalls, providing a splendid contrast after days spent at sea. Along the Spit to the north of the Gold Coast are some of the largest marina facilities in Australia, including Southport Yacht Club – a favourite for visiting superyachts.

Rainforest and Hinterland Adventures

The natural beauty of Queensland certainly doesn’t stop with its kaleidoscopic reef experiences. Cairns is not just a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, but also the UNESCO Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest. The Daintree offers an eclectic mix of activities and encounters, from ATV tours through the rainforest to enlightening Aboriginal tours of the ancient land. Queensland’s strength in diverse experiences is second to none, and exploring the Sunshine State you will feed your hunger for adventure.

The Gold Coast hinterland is teeming with diverse flora and fauna, with Lamington and Springbrook National Parks offering a retreat into a natural paradise. The volcanic landscape of Springbrook is as enthralling as it gets for land-based adventures, characterised by gorges, rocky outcrops and magical waterfalls.  

Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast, is Australia’s relaxation capital. This subtropical resort town is known for its spectacular coastal scenery and the beautiful Noosa National Park. In Noosa, you can embrace all things wild as you take in the awe-inspiring scenery and come across native Australian plants and wildlife. Along Noosa’s dramatic headland are the Fairy Pools, natural saltwater pools where visitors can take a plunge into azure waters.  

Superyacht Infrastructure

Queensland is a major superyacht hub for the Asia Pacific region, with world-class marina and shipyard facilities which attract superyachts from all over the world. Cairns Marlin Marina and Southport Yacht Club have some of the largest berthing facilities in Australia, while Queensland is also a mecca for refit and maintenance. The marine infrastructure in Queensland makes this an ideal destination for superyachts to stay long-term.