One of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Rhodes is a romantic and much-loved destination by visitors and locals alike. The medieval village of Lindos is a mystifying blend of architecture from eras spanning from Ancient Greek through to Ottoman and Italianate, adding to the melting pot beauty of this stunning destination. The hilltop acropolis with temple ruins looking down on the village adds an imposing and rugged edge to its romantic charm, while the pristine sandy beaches fringing the village serve as a constant reminder of its island idyll.

Luxury Resorts
There is an impressive array of luxury resorts on the island for families and couples alike. The 5-star luxury resort La Marquise is set in a sprawling 120,00 square metres of land, while the more intimate Elite Suites Rhodes comes complete with pool-side waiter service and ultimate privacy. Sheraton Rhodes Resort also offers a sumptuous stopover, with its own private beach and choice of five fantastic swimming pools to enjoy. 

Things to Do
Rhodes also boasts an array of charming high-end boutiques for some luxurious retail therapy to indulge in on your stay. From handmade gold and silver jewellers to contemporary art galleries and boutiques, the local wares on offer in Rhodes are of some of the finest quality in the whole of the Dodecanese. The medieval Old Town of Rhodes has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while the island is arguably most famous for its Colossus of Rhodes - an imposing statue of the Greek sun-god Helios and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Colossus gives a taste of the well-preserved ancient artefacts waiting to be discovered on the island that have come to define Rhodes in the modern day.

Superyacht Haven
Rhodes is also home to the ultra-luxurious and full-service Rhodes Marina. As the only marina in Greece that can accommodate superyachts up to 120 metres, Rhodes Marina is a luxury yacht haven perfectly poised to welcome the larger market to its picturesque docks. Complete with a shipyard and dry dock, 382 berths and prime location near the medieval town of Rhodes, Rhodes Marina is the ultimate island berthing spot.