The commercial and historic centre of the sister islands that make up the tropical paradise of Antigua & Barbuda, St John's is a kaleidoscopic array of colourful architecture, bustling streets and vibrant waterfronts. There is a spectacular choice of boutiques, cafes and restaurants offering local wares and fresh island cuisine on offer in St John's, as well as an array of world-class hotels and resorts to choose from. 

Steeped In History
The settlement of St John's has been the administrative capital of Antigua & Barbuda since the islands were first colonised in the early 17th Century, and became the home of the government when the nation achieved independence in 1981. As such, there is a fascinating collection of colonial and historic hotspots to view in St John's, each piecing together a part of the island's rich and longstanding heritage. One of the oldest cities in the Caribbean, the town war originally built after the French invasion of 1666 and is laid out in a symmetrical grid pattern leading down towards the bustling harbour. This allows for easy wandering of the city streets, for travellers looking to soak in its diverse Georgian, Romantic, Venacular and Victorian architecture. St John the Divine Cathedral is the centrepoint of the city, towering down upon the inhabitants in all of its Baroque glory. Also worth a visit are Antigua & Barbuda Government House, a magnificent colonial style building surrounded by out-buildings and prim gardens, as well as the Museum of Antigua & Barbuda. 

Endless Entertainment
Aside from its stately artefacts, travellers can while away an afternoon in St John's wandering the colourful and quaint buildings that make up its unique aesthetic. Lively markets spill out into the bustling streets, offering tantalising arrays of local delicacies from English Harbour Rum to freshly cooked saltfish. Heritage quay is a lively waterfront lined with shops, including luxury brands, jewellers and more. The street bars of St John's come alive after nightfall, offering a fantastic spot for a cocktail al fresco or to soak up the bustling nightlife. There is something for all ages in St John's, a world away from the remote isolation of the beaches and the heart of Antiguan civilisation and culture.