Cultural Hotspots
English Harbour’s main attraction is undoubtedly Nelson’s Dockyard, a cultural heritage site and marina and Antigua’s original British maritime hub. This UNESCO world heritage site is home to fully restored eighteenth and nineteenth century architecture, quaint boutiques and the island’s own Dockyard Museum, in the former Admiral’s House. Be sure to pay a trip to The Admiral’s Inn and Gunpowder Suites, a luxurious hotel set in four historic buildings complete with spa, infinity pool and two restaurants.

Nelson’s Dockyard is also home to Shirley Heights - be sure to bring a camera or you’ll miss capturing the best view on Antigua island. This restored military lookout and gun battery is now host to weekly barbecues and sunset drinks - in many ways epitomising how Antigua’s unique charm and Caribbean flair has overcome its colonial past.

Superyacht Hub
Nelson’s Dockyard Marina is a fantastic ‘superyacht-ready’ facility accommodating motor and sail yachts up to 55 meters or 180 foot. This full-service marina is set against the sublime backdrop of Nelson’s Dockyard, making it a focal point for yachts and superyachts mooring in the Caribbean. Nelson’s Dockyard Marina is host to the annual Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting alongside Falmouth Harbour Marina. Every year in December, the world’s yachting elite flocks to English Harbour for five days of networking, socialising, and to see some of the finest charter yachts in the world.

English Harbour is also host to the world-famous regatta, Antigua Sailing Week. Cited as one of the Caribbean’s most notable racing events, Antigua Sailing Week was established in the 1960s and draws a hundred sailing yachts and thousands of participants each year.

Brilliant Beaches
Antigua attracts thousands of visitors year after year for its unique blend of history, culture and Caribbean lifestyle. But the island’s main draw is undoubtedly its beaches. With 365 beaches - one for each day of the year - there are plenty of basking spots to choose from in Antigua & Barbuda. Just a stone’s throw from English Harbour is Galleon Beach, famous for its clear-water snorkelling, soft white sands and spectacular marine life.

Galleon Beach is situated at Freeman’s Bay near English Harbour, and is surrounded by a blend of rolling hills and tropical wildlife. In fact, why stop short at a holiday? Antigua is also home to some fantastic real estate, with Galleon Beach Resort comprising 12 acres of prime Antiguan real estate, quaint cottages and a great location right next to historic Nelson’s Dockyard.