This region is home to a lush playground of ocean, river, forest and farmland, boasting incredible experience for nature enthusiasts. Bateman’s Bay is one of the charming villages to be found along the coast of Eurobodalla, with some of New South Wales’ best seafood and artisan produce from local sources.

Almost three quarters of Eurobodalla is covered with national park and forests, allowing you to embrace your adventurous spirit as you discover an abundant wildlife and captivating landscapes characterised by mountain trails and rugged coastlines.

The Batemans Marine Park and Sanctuary comprises of 85,000 hectares of estuaries, creeks, rivers and lakes with little restriction on recreational fishing. The incredible biodiversity of this region makes it an enticing yachting destination, with its waters brimming with everything from dolphins, seals, sharks and rays. The Batemans Bay Snorkelling Trail stretches from Maloneys Beach towards the north down to Guerilla Bay south of Batemans Bay. Along the trail, you will encounter endemic fishsuch as red morwong, luderick and bream, as well as lobsters, gropers and abalone.

Stepping ashore, Eurobodalla has an ancient Aboriginal history and culture which dates back over 20,000 years. Guests can learn about the local Yuin people on guided tours which demonstrate the Aboriginal connection to the land, while also scaling the dormant volcano Gulaga. Browsing the picturesque villages along the seaside ports, you will feel as though you have been transported into a fairytale land.

Another benefit of such a diverse region is the exquisite foods which are produced locally. You can feast on plump oysters pulled straight from the water, taste artisan cheeses and savour fragrant honey. This fresh produce can be provisioned straight to the private chef onboard your luxury superyacht, and turned into sumptuous meals akin to your personal tastes.