The beaches of Newcastle are free from overbearing crowds, making them ideal spots to continue the exclusivity of a superyacht adventure. With plenty of coastal walks, beach-side eateries, ocean pools and surf, Newcastle is a destination where the outdoors is at the centre of everything.

The Bogey Hole ocean pool is a picture-perfect attraction and an iconic spot in Newcastle. A famous swimming hole, this was hand-hewn out of a wave cut rock in 1819 for Major James Morisset, and was originally referred to as the ‘Commandant’s Baths’. The earliest known purpose-built ocean swimming pool in Australia, the Bogey Hole now attracts visitors from all over the country and world.

Whether surfing, cycling, walking or sailing, there is an abundant natural landscape that will simply leave you in awe. There is also a fantastic culinary scene in Newcastle, with everything from quaint cafes to fine dining restaurants and cocktails bars for sundowners.
The Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club is the home of sailing activity in Newcastle, with an all-weather marina and shipyard along with a full calendar of events and regattas throughout the year.