Urban Allure
Washington’s largest city Seattle prides itself on a world-famous reputation, iconic skyline and booming tech industry. Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, and home to much of the region’s enviable yachting infrastructure. Travellers flock from far and wide to immerse themselves in Seattle’s jazz-infused culture and notable architecture, only to find a thriving hidden gem maritime hub.

An array of full-service marinas, suppliers from every corner of the industry, exciting events and excellent supporting infrastructure makes up the booming yachting industry at the heart of America’s west coast. Seattle has the answer to your every yachting requirement, serving as an excellent city base for cruising America’s breathtaking west coast. On the borders of Puget Sound and against the imposing backdrop of Mount Rainier, Seattle’s mesmerising skyline is quite unlike any other.

At the southern end of Puget Sound, tucked within Budd Inlet, is the state capital city Olympia - boasting its own very individual character enriched by a long and fascinating history. History and architecture fanatics will delight in the stately buildings of the Capitol Campus, while yachting enthusiasts can take advantage of the full-service marina and yachting services on offer.

Open Waters
Yachting in Washington state? Think open waters, big skies, refreshing ocean air and lush green forestry as far as the eye can see. Picture-perfect views await in Washington’s vast open waters; offering a surreal yachting experience totally different to the typical season in the Med. Abundant sounds and inlets such as Puget Sound, where Seattle is located, offer clear open waters ideal for sailing enthusiasts.

The beaches of the San Juan Islands and Olympic Peninsula are the perfect spot for shoreside activities, such as rockpools and beachcombing, while nearby small towns offer the very best in Pacific Northwest hospitality and charm. Head to Orcas Island for a spot of whale watching, or berth in San Juan’s renowned Friday Harbour for a blissful retreat.

Adventure Awaits
In a state as vast, diverse and breathtaking as Washington, every turn is an opportunity for immeasurable adventure. Since a huge part of this popular destination’s allure lies in simply observing it, nature trails prove the perfect way to discover the lay of the land. And with three national parks, an archipelago of 172 islands in the Salish Sea, and endless stretches of Pacific Coast beaches, Washington state is defined by its endless opportunities for exploration. 

Avid walkers should not miss out on the many hiking trails of the Olympic National Park, a sprawling park on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula spreading across nearly a million acres and various ecosystems, culminating in Mount Olympus at the heart of it. Wander into the Hoh Rainforest along the Hoh River valley, or marvel at snow-capped mountains as you ski down Hurricane Ridge; whatever form of adventure you’re looking for, be sure to find it here.