Merging historic grandiose and old world elegance boasting natural beauty at every corner, the West Mediterranean’s blend of city-living and beachside bliss makes it the ultimate hotspot for a yachting adventure. From the yachting haven of Sardinia to the dynamic character of Gibraltar, the West Mediterranean remains one of the most sought after regions. Unbelievably rich in culture, art and history, the West Mediterranean offers the ultimate gateway to exploring the rest of the alluring Mediterranean.

Island Escapes
Whether retreating to a chic hideout in Sardinia, boasting an array of yacht clubs and pristine landscapes, or island hopping across the Balearic Islands and Aeolian islands, the West Mediterranean offers everything from bustling nightlife to enviable seclusion. Each island hotspot across the region offers a gift of Mediterranean hospitality, each with a unique character of its own.

Cities of Culture
Home to the capitals of art and history across the world, the West Mediterranean boasts an array of cultural hotspots along your superyacht adventure. From Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, to the baroque palaces of Malta to Barcelona’s unique architecture, the bygone beauty of the West Mediterranean reflects the region’s rich, colourful past, that still remains today.

Natural Beauty
Beyond the glamour of cosmopolitan living, cliffside bars and michelin eateries is the natural beauty of the West Mediterranean. Whether marvelling the azure beauty of the Spanish Coastline, or the mountain backdrop of the Tuscan Archipelago, the region invites superyacht owners and charter guests to explore untouched natural landscapes to hike, swim and explore with a rustic charm unlike anywhere else in the world.