Whether delving into the beauty of the Greek islands, peaking into Turkey's enchanting culture, or becoming lost on the unassuming region of Montenegro, the East Mediterranean is Europe's best kept secret. There's no surprise why. Its hybrid cultural landscape is enviably inviting, while superyacht travellers can find privacy and seclusion in the hidden gem's of Europe's most sought after and enviable locations.

Magic of the East
Whether walking the cobbled streets of Montenegro's fishing village of Perast, or taking a delve into the dynamic island beauty of Cyprus, the magic of the East proves a cultural crossroads of ancient charm and historic wonder. With a unique cuisine influenced by the Levantine period and architecture dating back to the Ottoman Empire, the magic of the East invite superyacht travellers into a dynamic world with a hybrid of influences. Visitors can expect to sail down the majestic Bosphorus stretch of Turkey for a slice of oriental bliss, or for unforgettable nightlife can venture to Croatia's Hvar, a jewel that never sleeps. Each destination offers a distinct charm of its own, all with superyacht travellers in mind. 

Islands of Discovery 
Fit for romance and exploration, delicacies and discovery, the islands of the East Mediterranean are Europe's best kept secret. Whether venturing to the Cyclades of Santorini and Mykonos, or island hopping across the Ionian Islands, every corner of the East Mediterranean invites you into aquatic turquoise waters, natural wanders and ancient castles enveloped by ocean coastlines. From the white-washed beauty of the Aegean Islands to the bountiful shores of the Italian East Coast, each region boasts a unique charm of its own. 

Historic Gems
Whether journeying to the city of Athens in awe of the iconic Acropolis, or venturing to the ancient walls of Croatia's Dubrovnik, the history of the East Mediterranean encapsulates a colourful past that has retained its diverse character even today. From Turkey's Blue Mosque, to the jewel of Venice's St Mark's Cathedral, history comes alive at ever corner. Step back in time on the island of Cyprus by visiting the bygone Tomb of the Kings, or bask in Kotor's Balkan beauty that feels a world away from reality; there is no where this region falls short in answering the desires of superyacht travellers.