New England is a gorgeous region rich in beauty, history and culture that is sure to enrapture and enthrall no matter in which of the bountiful seasons travellers choose to visit. Widely considered the home of sailing in America, New England has a deep and rich maritime history as enthralling as its rugged landscapes.

City Escapes
Boston is New England’s largest city and the capital of Massachusetts; a vibrant metropolis known for its glittering skyscrapers set against the backdrop of a bustling waterfront. Steeped in a rich colonial history preserved in Boston’s many museums including the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston also provides an aesthetically pleasing cityscape - particularly in the autumn months when its many gardens and green spaces take on a fiery orange tint. The remainder of New England’s cities are significantly smaller but no less charming, including the shoreline cities of New Haven, Providence and Portland.

Beach Bliss
Known as the ‘Ocean State’ for its spectacular stretches of glorious beach, Rhode Island is home to the famed yachting capital of Newport, whose sprawling mansions and prolific vineyards are renowned for their gorgeous clientele. The capital city of Providence is a chic, elegant destination for vibrant nightlife alongside numerous opportunities for indulgent pleasures.
Massachusetts is also home to Cape Cod, whose magnificent sand bluffs and powdery beaches are notorious for their glitzy devotees. Equally as notorious are the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, both of which are famous for their attraction of both the young and old crowd of jet-setters for bucolic, restorative relaxation in an unimpeachable landscape of pristine beauty.

Skiing & Snowboarding
Heavily forested and perfect for skiing, Vermont is a picture-perfect winter holiday locale. Scattered with quaint mountain towns, this is the best area for premier skiing and snow sports in general. Also the center for boutique dairy and maple sugar industries, Vermont is the only state within the glorious New England region without a coastline, though it is home to the crystalline Lake Champlain.
New Hampshire is also known as the ‘Granite State’ for its majestic mountain ranges which includes the dramatic Mount Washington, which makes it a great locale for skiing and other adventurous winter sports. Home to a variety of stunning lakes and pristine beaches, New Hampshire is the quiet sister among the flashy reputations that make up this area.

Regional Specialities
Perhaps nowhere is more emblematic of the New England spirit than Maine, with its iconic striped lighthouses dotting rugged, rocky coastline. Possessing the longest coastline of its five sisters, Maine is a torrent of coves, estuaries, bays and diminutive islands that are a delight to the eye.
Visitors to this area should also be sure to sample some of the rich delicacies of the area, such as steamed lobster and clam chowder, while shopping enthusiasts should make sure to purchase some of the exquisite local crafts and sample some of the local syrups, cheeses and chocolates.