From its stunning natural beauty, low-key harbours and ancient monuments from a bygone era, mainland Greece is an immersive region for superyacht travellers seeking an authentic corner of Greece. Whether taking on the cosmopolitan capital, or the trendy corners of Thessaloniki, each city gem offers a cultural melting pot of quintessential mainland life. 

City of Culture
The iconic Athens, hailed as the city of culture, reflects a raw urban renewal unlike any other region. The oldest European city, boasting the Parthenon and Acropolis, goes beyond its historic reputation and invites a trendy demographic of travellers seeking for an authentic on-land experience. Blending a landscape of terracotta rooftops and white washed walls its muse-worthy aesthetic combines art, music and fashion as the epicentre of urban living. This city of culture never sleeps, nor does it fail to disappoint. Whether taking to its luxury boutiques in cool corners of the capital, or dining at Michelin star restaurants overlooking ancient monuments, its distinctive character feels a world-away from the islands, making it the ultimate escape in the East Mediterranean. 

Beaches at its Best
Many may consider the best beaches of Greece to belong to its islands. However, the mainland beaches are  the perfect off-grid counterparts for residing into relaxation. After bustling business meetings or cultural city breaks, these beaches offer a welcomed respite from the chaotic pull of the capital.  Defined as the Peloponnese, this stretch of beaches are a must visit. From  the white sands of Simos Beach, or the water sport haven of Panagia Beach, there is no better azure skyline than these. However, when seeking a secret spot for seclusion and relaxation, take to the hidden gem of Foneas Beach, an off-mainland hotspot that is also Greece's best kept secret.

Secret's of the East
When it comes to the secret mainland hotposts, there is plenty to choose from.Thessaloniki remains a chic hotspot at waters edge that has caught the buzz of modern travellers. A melting pot of history, its Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman past makes it a treasured corner of the Grecian landscape. Its casual juxtaposition of historic monuments and urban culture is Thessaloniki's greatest trademark, but Other ports equally deserve a visit. The stylish and historically enchanting Nafplio is known for its main square that comes alive with local life. Olympia is also a mainland spectacle, showcasing the iconic Temple of Zeus.