This stunning group of mostly volcanic islands is the ultimate destination for true seclusion. Arrayed in a glorious horseshoe configuration, the lush Fijian archipelago is scattered over 194,000 square kilometres of crystalline South Pacific Ocean. Home to gregarious and friendly locals, the vibrant island culture of Fiji is ideal for intrepid travellers wanting to explore.

Superyachts in Fiji benefit from the world-class facilities at Port Denarau Marina. Part of the luxurious Denarau Island Resort, the Marina provides the perfect base from which to explore the wonders of Fiji. 

Situated in one of the most gorgeous locales in the world, the islands of Fiji offer boundless opportunities for outdoor pleasure and adventure. Hiking, kayaking, surfing and all kind of diving and underwater exploration are available in extraordinary landscapes.

Swim with a shoal of friendly sharks off southern Viti Levu or the radiant Coral Coast, seek out manta rays off the verdant coast of Nacula or glide through the dream-like coral reefs of Ovalau or the Lomaiviti Group of central Fiji. For turtle lovers, the green, leatherback and hawksbill varieties nest on the island of Fiji and be observed

Enjoying an enviable tropical climate, the moderate rainy season is one of the main reasons the islands of Fiji are packed with such breathtaking displays of vegetation. The ‘wet sides’ of the high islands are heavily forested and dense with bamboo thickets and exotic flowering scrub. Mangrove forests can be found in the coastal lagoons of these high islands, their mystic beauty spread along the shore like an eerie haze.

The bulk of Fiji’s islands have lush interiors of rugged landscapes and verdant hills scattered with dazzling waterfalls and jagged volcanic craters, making every experience here take on a certain magical quality when sent against a background of such pure and unspoiled perfection and beauty.

For a dive into the heart of deepest Fiji, stay in a traditional thatched ‘bure’, complete with plantation shutters, rattan and a gently swinging hammock: nothing could bring you closer to the truly indulgent luxury of tropical repose.