Old Town
Protecting a stunning centre within its walls, Dubrovnik’s Old Town is an absolute dream to explore, hiding narrow side streets lined with dainty restaurants and bright cafés behind a bevy of architectural delights. This pedestrian-only town is bursting with spectacular sights worth stepping ashore for, from historic churches and sun-drenched gardens, to designer boutiques and modern galleries. The Old Town is home to a gorgeous harbour, creamy stone pavements, and bright orange-topped buildings.

The Stradum that cuts through the old city is the Old Town’s most glamorous stretch that carves an impressive path between the Western and Eastern gates. This splendid promenade is the ultimate place to stop at a chic café or stylish bar for an evening drink and watch the world go by.

Outside the walls of the Old Town lies a suburban sprawl of luxurious hotels, sophisticated restaurants and picnic-perfect parks. The lovely neighbourhood of Ploce is an absolute heaven for beachfront beauty, the attractive seaside region lined with upscale hotels and fine dining options.

Coastal Towns
Dubrovnik is also a sensational location to explore from the deck of a superyacht, boasting a number of unique awe-inspiring sights around its distinct coastline. Starting from the beautiful port, a scenic tour can be traced from the Fort of St Lawrence, past the magnificent cliffs to the Bay of Zupa Dubrovacka.

This beautiful stretch of coastline is home to brilliant shallow beaches ideal for swimming that have easy anchorage points close by. Further on is the delightful Cavtat, a charming resort town situated in a picturesque bay that is home to wonderful palm-lined promenades and eclectic boutiques.