Sardinia is a superyacht owners delight. Boasting state-of-the-art marina facilities, sailing regatta's and a host of events for superyacht owners in mind, the jet-set reputation of sophisticated Sardinia lives up to its name. 

The Sardinian Lifestyle
The Sardinian lifestyle is encompassed with chic Italian boutiques, an enviable social calendar and a stylish array of people that call it home. True to its glittering appeal, Costa Smeralda remains the iconic heart of the region, while Cagliari the centre also offers a historical quarter perfect for immersing in the glittering past of Sardinian life. Travellers can venture to Sardinia's Palazzo di Citta: located next to the cathedral, a small museum displays Sardinian paintings and textiles. Not only this, the island's luxury boutiques are perfect to explore the haute-couture designers of Italy, as well as an exclusive array of fine jewellery outlets. 

Island Gems
The aquatic beauty of Sardinia is best experienced by water. Therefore, if you’re looking for a secret hotspot of pristine beauty venture to the South of Sardinia at Sant’Antioco island. A place where azure blue waters whirl into shades of jade, the island is a true example of hidden gems where you'd least expect it, perfect for an azure adventure of untouched beauty. Next to Sant’Antioco is neighbouring island San Pietro, an otherworldly islet perfect for underwater exploration.