Explore Cote d'Azur

  • Antibes

    Less best kept secret and more Mediterranean favourite, nothing says French Riviera like the glistening waters of Antibes. Equally as elegant as its neighbouring hotspots of Monaco and Cannes, it has an allure of its own that gives your Mediterranean charter the final dust of gold it deserves...

  • Cannes

    High profile and dazzling due to its luxury superyacht visitors, Cannes Film Festival and host of haute-couture boutiques and world-class hideaways, there's nothing this dazzling member of the Côte d'Azur doesn't offer...

  • Monaco

    Nestled comfortably between the Alps and the Mediterranean, the small principality of Monaco is no longer only a sparkling gambler’s playground.A captivating combination of modern luxury, sophisticated style, and enduring culture, Monaco has endless rewards for those who explore its lively heart.