Greece rests across the stretch of the Eastern Mediterranean, on the Southern tip of the Balkans. Inviting superyacht travellers to the heart of culture, history and natural island beauty, it's untouched allure is the perfect recipe for a luxury escapes. Its authentic beauty boasts a rich cultural heritage, while the region prides itself on quintessential Mediterranean hospitality.  

Mainland Magic
Boasting the Acropolis and the Parthenon, the beating heart of Greece is Athens. A bustling city that never sleeps, it merges the best of art, history and an eclectic food haven trademarking itself as a cosmopolitan hub for luxury travellers, Whether seeking unique boutique finds from up-and-coming designers, or residing to its wealth of luxury hotels peaking out into historic landmarks, the chic grit of Athens is the perfect East Mediterranean capital, all within easy reach of Greece's glittering islands. Travellers should not overlook quieter corners of the mainland, a regional hotspot where bygone ruins and Byzantine monasteries are hidden among forests, lakes and mountain peaks.

The Shimmering Islands
A world away from the bustling streets of the mainland Athens are the Greek Islands.  Each of Greece’s 1400 islands reflect its own beauty. Superyacht travellers can escape to the romantic beauty of whitewashed Santorini with cobbled streets and village tavernas, or the party island of Mykonos, each island has a distinctive character of its own. When it comes to discovering the less obvious destinations, there are quieter islands populated mostly by locals. Islands such as Milos, Symi and Patmos showcase a stripped back island aesthetic of fishing villages, picturesque harbours and rugged coastlines. However, don't forget to island hop to the iconic Zakynthos. Snorkel its crystal clear emerald waters and take in its picture-perfect views as the ultimate superyacht destination. 

Icons in Time
When seeking the sought after locations for superyacht owners, the iconic landmarks of the region should not be missed. Take a peak into the UNESCO Heritage Sites of Greece such as the Meteora Monastery, etymologically related to meteor, or the ancient Greek ruins and historic site of Delos, each with their own mystical past. The archaeological site of Mycenae is another gem, boasting the major centres of Greek civilization, inviting travellers into an otherworldly experience of an era of the past.