Natural Wonders

Local Caribbean history and culture is rife on the island, awash with colour and mass-appreciation for the luscious surrounding landscapes that you’ll spend your days exploring. Whether you’re looking to take to the seas and enjoy water sports complemented by steady trade winds, or just in need of some rest with a massage using natural products in one of the resorts spa’s, Virgin Gorda has a number of charming places worth discovering. The Baths are a natural wonder, from volcanic lava leftovers from up to 70 million years ago – form a series of grottoes that flood with sea water. The area makes for unique swimming and snorkelling. With a stunning array of beach clubs, resorts and marinas at your service, there is no where quite as spectacular when discovering the island setting of Virgin Gorda. 


A Sensational Setting at Yacht Club Costa Smeralda & Marina

If you spend your time in one of the BVI’s 60 islands and islets, it should be on Virgin Gorda, which in recent years has become a playground for Yacht and Superyacht visitors. Yacht Club Costa Smerelda & Marina offers an ideal base for yachting visitors to explore the regions most renowned sailing waters as well as enjoying world class yacht club services. With its combination of state-of-the-art activities and excursions and dazzling natural beauty on its doorstep. Whether you've spent the day exploring the Baths or the Gorda Peak National Park, returning to the Clubhouse is no short of a dream. With a lounge and private dining area, outdoor bar and the soon to be completed wellness services, YCCS reopens its doors in 2017 with a wealth of new services including the Clubhouse Restaurant which also feature an Italian style menu with a touch of Caribbean flair. 

 Hidden Gems

Virgin Gorda has an abundance of hidden discoveries nestled across the region. Little Dixie Bay is one of them, offering a stunning emerald reef painted with coral as well as two small mountains that feels like an enclosure of paradise. Nail Bay Sugar Mill Ruins are also a sight to behold. Hike 500 yards up picturesque island terrain to immerse in the rich history of Virgin Gorda. If that's not enough Little Fort National Park offers a wildlife sanctuary and an Aquarium. If you're looking for a challenging adventure, Gorda Peak National Park boasts the highest point of the island where you can enjoy a 360 degree view in euphoric altitude. As you snorkel the depths of Devil's Bay in Virgin Gorda, its paradise waters will transport you to a tropical haven unlike anywhere else in the world. 

A Luxury Residential Resort with Oil Nut Bay 

Resting on the eastern tip of Virgin Gorda is Oil Nut Bay, offering a luxury residential resort that combines a beautiful setting with world class amenities and a welcoming community feel. It is also at the heart of yachting life in the BVI with its own fast-expanding marina and village. Its spellbinding beauty of the BVI comes alive where 400 pristine acres offer ocean vistas for miles. Whether you take residence here for two days or two months relaxing here in Virgin Gorda is simply idyllic. Its villas and suites offer both luxury and comfort whilst its Marina offers 93 slips, the perfect base to cruise the North Sound. If you fancy a spa treatment enjoy a lavish massage in your villa or in a secluded outdoor spot or visit the Wellness Studio for a session of Pilates as well as a full-range of fitness equipment. 

Glittering Events

A wonderful selection of events take place across Virgin Gorda. One that dazzles visitors annually is the Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous, hosted by Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Clubhouse & Marina. The ocean-extravaganza features an exciting lineup of races and events all evening in the beauteous island setting of Virgin Gorda. Pink dusk sunsets, mouth-watering cocktails and all night long entertainment paint the evenings here, making it a fabulous time to visit. From the latest technical yachts to sensational vintage masterpieces, each and every model unites in a thrilling performance that fuses precision, power and agility. There is simply no better atmosphere than that of the Regatta when soaking up the sights of Virgin Gorda. 

Bitter End Yacht Club 

Where a generous Caribbean spirit meets the pristine waters of Virgin Gorda, Bitter End Yacht Club boasts an array of exciting amenities. With 25 berths, this spot in Virgin Gorda offers a pleasant escape into the island beauty of Virgin Gorda. It's charming haven is simply alluring, boasting 64 acres of tropical oasis where rustic simplicity meets laid-back luxury. Attracting explorers historically such as Sir Francis Drake, this hideaway was once a base for raids on the colonial New World. Today, its envious location offers an array of watersports, pristine beaches and wild flora and fauna in natural beauty. Bitter End Yacht Club offers a truly unique accommodation. With hidden Beachfront Villas overlooking the Northern Drop, the enchanted setting makes Bitter End Yacht Club so much more than a port of call.