One of the largest yet least populated islands, Anegada offers miles of talcum-powder sand alongside miles of tranquillity. With a coral composition differing to the volcanic make-up found in the rest of the BVI, the island uses its geographical structure to its advantage, offering up a distinctive desert-island feel that leaves you feeling isolated in the most positive sense. It is stripped back and laid bare with a rustic simplicity that truly encapsulates the British Virgin Islands. Renowned as the snorkel spot of the British Virgin Islands, there is simply no where better for underwater discoveries than on the paradise of Anegada. Discover Anegada Beach Club offering idyllic accommodation, a charming dining spot and all the activities one could imagine on such a tropical oasis. 

Beachside Bliss

Time stands still amongst the blissful beaches of Anegada, home to some of the most solitary and stunning beaches in the British Virgin Islands. Loblolly Bay offers a stunning beach, a small enchanting cove and an unforgettable wreck that is perfect for snorkelling and diving under a maze of wondrous tunnels and drops. Yet, If you are seeking a beach that best encapsulates the character of Anegada, discover Bones Bight, Cow Wreck Bay and Nutmeg Point where you can go bonefishing in its waters. Chances are you'll have the beach to yourself! Time your visit with some of Anegada's all year round events such as the Dark and Stormy Sailing Race, or Anegada's famous Lobster Fest. With an abundance of beachsides, pristine waters and stunning coves, Anegada's white sands are truly magnificent. 

The Experience

Anegada's natural wonders are endless, and the ways in which you can enjoy it limitless too.  The shorelines here are teeming with nature and flamingo flocks, whilst pink lobsters scatter the coast and its large salt pond that dominates the west of the island, a sight to behold against the backdrop of island vistas. When looking for a tailored experience on Anegada personalised to perfection, look no further than the Romasco Group. Enjoy a lobster picnic on the Loblolly Beach where you are nestled in a sanctuary of island wilderness, indulge in a private massage as you overlook the glittering waters of Anegada, have seamless transfers organised between each of your island destinations, or plan an exciting day of zip-lining with friends and family. Your each and every desire is made possible with Romasco. 

Anegada Beach Club 

Anegada Beach Club offers a tranquil experience amongst the serenity of the island. Its idyllic accommodation coupled with endless activities make this spot a go-to when looking to explore all this vibrant island has to offer. Wake up to the beauty of dazzling island waters and set out on a day of activities home to the island. Begin the day by Anegada Fly Fishing, or snorkel amongst Anegada's famous coral reefs in Cow Wreck Bay, offering an underwater oasis like no where else. Return to the comfort of your Anegada King Suite at Anegada Beach Club or dine in the club's charming restaurant, enjoying a  lobster dinner freshly caught from the island. There is no where more authentic than Anegada Beach Club to enjoy the spirit and charm of Anegada. 

Anegada by Sky

When looking to create new and exciting memories in Anegada, Caribbean Buzz Helicopters offer the bespoke adventures to top your experience. Offering to accommodate you and a special guests, Caribbean Buzz Helicopters offer everything from bespoke transfers to magical routes to explore the island by sky.  Following your  remote Lobster picnic on Anegada, proceed to take a helicopter ride to your next island location in true privacy and luxury.  Enjoy the stunning view from above as a jigsaw of lush greenery and azure waters merge beneath you. Whether you are looking for a simple island transfer or an unforgettable view, experience a dimension of BVI paradise that is truly unique, with a picture perfect view to match.