Pristine Beaches

Jost Van Dyke is home to an array of beaches such as Great Harbour, Little Harbour and White Bay. here  Kayak along the pristine shores of White Bay. White Bay pays homage to the laidback lifestyle the British Virgin Islands are so famous for. Think hammocks and plenty of rustic charm. Accessible only by boat, the swim to shore will be the only excuse you need to unwind and take a nap on the bay’s inviting sand, whilst visitors who find energy can venture out for an afternoon snorkel. As the day comes to a close, enhance the relaxation level with a drink or two from one of many beach bars, alongside White Bay’s view towards Torola and the US Virgin Islands.

The Heart of Fun

Green Cay offers an exciting playground dive site with foaming surf waves enticing even the most avid surfers. Take to the waves, snorkel amongst it's sparkling azure waters or venture to Sandy Spit to discover the protected bird park. Diamond Cay National Park offers visitors natures scenic beauty out the water, the perfect stop for those looking to enjoy dual worlds of fun and discovery. If you want to venture off track, Little Jost Van Dyke brags breathtaking snorkel spots along the shore and reef, the Blue Hole reef notably stunning as an enchanting micro-ecosystem for all to discover. 

Local  Favourites

Indulge in local delicacies at Jost Van Dyke from flying fish sandwiches and fresh fish grilled by the beachside. The region is also home to the famous cocktail,  “The Painkiller,” at The Soggy Dollar Bar, offering an unmissable experience in the dream-like setting of  White Bay. It's pulsating atmosphere offers an energetic space to lie back, bask in the sunshine and enjoy a fresh beverage as you sink your toes into the sand.