The second-largest island in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic (DR) is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean Sea to the south. Despite its prime location, the Dominican Republic lies slightly off the beaten track of most Caribbean yacht charters, and as such benefits from an abundant array of untouched yachting routes and luxurious hotspots waiting to be discovered.
In classic Caribbean style, the Dominican Republic is blessed with dazzling white beaches and beautiful scenery, but is also enriched with a deep sense of culture that characterises the island and sets it apart from the crowd.

Regions and Geography
At times overlooked by those sailing the Caribbean waters, this enchanting destination is a diamond in the rough. Larger than most Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic benefits from a hugely diverse landscape, culture and attractions. Comprising an intriguing combination of towering mountains, vast plantations, coral reefs, and sparkling beaches existing side-by-side in one glorious country, the Dominican Republic is home to such geographic treasures as both the highest and lowest point in the Caribbean. This island hotspot is a true land of dramatic wonders, rich with opportunities from north to south.

Vibrant Cities
The beating heart of the Dominican Republic is undoubtedly the captivating capital Santo Domingo, the oldest European city in the New World. More sophisticated and stylish than its neighbouring towns, this south coast city is where the island’s trove of luxury brands and boutiques can be found. An urban soul in a mostly rural country, Santo Domingo features a compelling union of green parks, ancient streets, elegant restaurants and chic clubs. The Port of Santo Domingo accommodates yachts up to 229 metres and provides an exceptional jumping-off point for the south island. The Dominican Republic is also home to a number of smaller towns and cities; Las Terrenas the most well-developed town on the Samana Peninsula and the place to head for a lively social scene, while the sleepy Las Galeras provides some of the best beaches on the island.

Natural Delights
The treasure trove of beaches and sites of natural beauty are an integral part of the island allure. Whether you are basking on the beaches of the palm-tree studded Saona Island, trekking around the waterfalls of Damajagua or sailing the fantastic natural wonders of the Parque Nacional de Los Haitises, the Dominican Republic is a true immersion into the sublime beauty of nature. It comes as no surprise that this Caribbean island delight is home to a veritable treasure trove of national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Luxurious Resorts
The Dominican Republic is world renowned for its plentiful choice of luxurious resorts and real estate. Variety is the key word here; from the exquisite Oscar de la Renta designed Tortuga Bay to the exclusive high-tech Eden Roc Cap Cana and the equestrian paradise of Sea Horse Ranch. Entertainment in the Dominican Republic also centres around the larger hotels and resorts, where the majority of shopping and nightlife options can be found. Colourful and lively, the island’s nightlife swaps the glitz and glamour of its Caribbean neighbours for a more laid-back and comfortable, but nonetheless delightful atmosphere.The luxury resorts of the Dominican Republic, each with their own unique offering and slice of island paradise, are sure to make any stay on the island one to remember.

World-Class Berthing
Despite its relatively uncharted waters, the Dominican Republic is in fact home to an excellent array of world class luxury yacht and superyacht marinas. The Dominican Republic is home to a number of marinas with accommodation for yachts over 24m; Casa de Campo, Marina Zar Par, Marina Cap Cana, Puerto Bahia, Ocean World Marina. From the sprawling glamour of Casa de Campo Marina in the south to the northern allure of Ocean World Marina, there is no shortage of full-service mooring spots to dock and discover the Dominican island delights.