CRN is a bespoke shipbuilder that specialises in designing and building fully custom aluminium and steel/aluminium yachts of 45 metres plus.

Founded in 1963 in Ancona, Italy, the yard has always created yachts of peerless beauty. Its cutting-edge solutions set the standard for functional innovation, representing Italian manufacturing at its finest. With well over half a century of success behind it, CRN’s is a compelling story of remarkable ideas, inspiring challenges and iconic achievements that have made it the outstanding brand it remains today. Every yacht is unique – first and foremost an individual masterpiece before being part of the CRN fleet.

CRN makes yachts conceived by talented, imaginative owners, creating exclusive works of unmistakable style. It’s the idea behind each yacht that makes her as special and unique as her owner. Starting from a blank sheet, listening to and shaping the client’s desires, CRN develops innovative concept designs that transform the owner’s vision into a true custom yacht through a winning blend of passion and expertise, flexibility and creativity, dependability and total commitment.

The bespoke megayacht concept is infused with new meaning, embracing and reflecting the client’s wishes and designs in a genuinely creative process. Every aspect of every yacht is crafted inch by inch, with an immaculate eye for beauty and the sublime, taking care of the subtlest details. The CRN working group collaborates closely with the client’s personal team. CRN assures the owner this freedom of expression, empowering them to become the true author of their own masterpiece.

Each CRN yacht is the fruit of elite R&D, leading-edge technology and masterly construction skill. The results are there for all to see, in the fine quality and excellent amenity, the optimised efficiency and supreme stylistic effect, all engineered to perfection. Every new project is a challenge to dream up fresh solutions, to anticipate trends, to devise new designs. CRN is a pioneer of a panoply of functional solutions and aesthetic innovations – instant classics that continue to raise the bar throughout the yachting world.

CRN’s many assets include an advanced construction yard in Ancona spanning 80,000+ sqm, one of the largest in Europe. The multipurpose private marina vaunts 14 moorings for 24 - to 100-metre yachts and dedicated state-of-the-art sheds with latest-generation equipment for construction projects.

Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard Ancona Italy has a specialist refitting division. With its technical expertise, experience and design skill, it offers a comprehensive range of dedicated services - from project management to engineering and customer care for captains and crew offices - tailored to achieve excellent and unique results every time for yachts until 95m length. Having the right tools is key to a relentless pursuit of quality.

The historic CRN shipyard has become the Ferretti Group superyacht yard. This is the centre of excellence for designing and building steel and aluminium superyachts for Riva and Pershing and composite yachts for the Custom Line brand – all icons of craftsmanship, design innovation and advanced technology.

A global beacon of excellence in Italian shipbuilding, CRN proudly creates yachts conceived by their owner’s vision through the expertise of its own hands.