Donald Starkey's recognised expertise is in the planning, styling and interior design of large motor yachts. Although his clients tend to be private individuals, he has also attracted the attention of leading yacht builders around the world and he has contributed to the success of several yards.

Based in Dubai, the Donald Starkey studio has an impressive portfolio of elegant and timeless luxury yachts, including the Feadship 65 metre Trident and the 40 metre Allogante, both which launched in 2009.

The talented designer began his career as an architect, and not even that of the naval kind. He was involved in a number of large projects from the age of 23 but by the early 80s, he switched to the field of yacht design.

Inspiration for Donald Starkey design comes from icons of times of change who have themselves become classics of today; people like Coco Chanel, Le Corbusier, or Mies van der Rohe.

The Donald Starkey pedigree
Donald Starkey-designed yachts are known for attracting immediate attention and a consequent premium if the vessel emerges on the brokerage market sometime in its career. Owners of Starkey yachts will not only hold the privileged place of creating and enjoying a beautiful vessel, but also benefiting financially thereafter.