Over 50 years of experience, Dykstra Naval Architects has serviced the yachting industry in the design, naval architecture and engineering of some of the most iconic yachts and superyachts on the water. 

Founded by Gerard Dykstra in 1969, the business was established on a pure and unfettered passion for sailing. The multidisciplined team comprises passionate sailors who like to race their own designs and are personally invested in pushing the boundaries of performance, design and innovation. 

Combining this passion with cutting-edge technology, software and resources in-house, Dykstra has been able to bring new and challenging concepts to the yachting industry, setting new benchmarks for standards and leading the way in sustainable naval architecture. The Dynarig is one example of this, developed on Perini Navi's 88m Maltese Falcon and Oceanco's 106m Black Pearl in two iconic cases. 

Dykstra is driven by a passion not just to innovate, but to push dynamic and driving change in the areas of sustainability and green yachting. With complex modelling and analysis, engineering and hydrodynamics, Dykstra Naval Architects has been able to create highly developed green systems on superyachts (Black Pearl being one outstanding example of this) and set the standard for sustainability. 

Dykstra also provides refit services, including that on the 2-mast schooner Adela, 3-mast schooner Adix, JK7 Velsheda and others.