Visually striking, timeless, highly functional and designed with Dutch flair, the DIANA drawing board illustrates distinctive designs that encompass both classic and contemporary, many of which have been nominated and won a wide variety of awards.

Diana Yacht Design specialises in naval architecture, construction, and engineering, with each yacht boasting an exclusive feature – whether it’s a hull door that transforms into a swimming platform, or a majestic glass elevator with the intent of taking you anywhere.

For over 50 years, Diana Yacht Design has penned many of the most renowned superyachts in the global fleet with their unique, one-stop design experience, with more than 70 superyachts bearing the DIANA name. By overseeing every project with great care, their team of experts and craftspeople are on hand to make your dream no longer a dream, but a reality.

By utilising their Dutch, European and international networks, DIANA has the ability to work and collaborate closely with companies and partners from every section of the yacht building sphere; having completed a number of impressive projects with 24 yards around the world, from Europe to the USA, and China to Canada.

With Diana Yacht Design, excellence isn't just a service, it’s a state of mind.