Under the direction of its namesake and one of the industry’s most respected designers, Terence Disdale, the studio operates with a team of 15 from offices located on Richmond Green.

Terence Disdale
Despite having had no formal training in his fields of interior and exterior yacht design, Terence Disdale continues to remain one of the most sought-after designers in the yachting industry, lending his name and talents to some of the world’s largest yachts.

Terence Disdale was a student of the famously coined “Chelsea University”, otherwise known as the studio of the late Jon Bannenberg, which also helped the likes of Andrew Winch and Tim Heywood hone their skills.

“Beach house not Penthouse” is the style mantra of Terence Disdale Design who believe many yacht designers opt for designs which are much too formal.

Amid the impressive range of superyachts designed by Terence Disdale are several amongst the longest in the world including motor yachts Al Salamah, Pelorus, Tatoosh, Ice, Ecstasea, Montkaj, Kogo, Boadicea, Topaz (now A+), Kibo (now Grace), Romea, and of course the giant Eclipse.