Yacht Support Range

Yacht Support vessels from our innovative range are purpose built to support superyacht operations – for example submarines, helicopters and large tenders and toys. Our innovative approach combines our proven shipbuilding knowhow with our experience in luxury yachting. Since 2009, we have delivered many Yacht Support vessels from 45 to 70 metres in length to our clients around the world.

The disruptive innovation

Superyacht support is a growing phenomenon that is revolutionising luxury yachting. At Damen Yachting, we are proud to be leading this innovative solution for contemporary lifestyles.

Around 2005, we began developing this concept based on our successful SEA AXE hull form, an innovation developed and patented within the Damen Shipyards Group for our high-tech offshore services clients. In Yachting, we saw a new opportunity for the SEA AXE to lift our superyacht clients’ experiences to a higher level.

We delivered the first purpose-built 50-metre Yacht Support vessel to her owner in 2010. Named OBERON, she was quickly followed by UMBRA. We then began work on the first Yacht Support in the 70-metre segment, GARÇON.

The SeaXplorer Range

Discover our SeaXplorer premiere expedition yachts up to 105-metres in length. Our range offers serious global exploring capability, combined with luxury refinement at home in any marina.

A New Generation of Explorers

Today, 5 years after the launch of the SeaXplorer range, our first SeaXplorers are sailing the world’s oceans. Now we are looking over the next horizon. Over the next few months we will be revealing updated designs for our SeaXplorer range. Watch this space!

What Makes A SeaXplorer

Built by Damen Yachting, a SeaXplorer expedition yacht combines the best of our Amels superyacht pedigree with our Damen commercial shipbuilding knowhow. The result is the ultimate crossover – a purpose-designed luxury explorer. You can customise your SeaXplorer to your lifestyle and exploration plans.

From Innovation To Reality

We created the SeaXplorer in 2015 as an innovative new range in our portfolio. Today the SeaXplorer has become reality as the first two deliveries leave our yard. The third is now in build.