Sam Sorgiovanni was once an understudy of Jon Bannenberg, widely considered founder of modern yacht design, and benefitted from the very best education of what it takes to achieve the extraordinary. 

Sam Sorgiovanni’s main studio is based in Perth, in his native Australia, and much of his exterior and interior styling reflects this heritage. Drawing experience from nature, Sam is able to achieve a versatile range of effects, ambiences and atmospheres in his yacht design - taking the clients' dreams and curating them with his own unique touch to achieve a very particular vision. Sam Sorgiovanni's presence is truly international, with another bustling office based in the very heart of yachting in Monaco. Sorgiovanni's European customers can visit the studio at Le Ruscino, 14 Quai Antoine 1er, 98000 Monaco. 

Sorgiovanni is no stranger to making headlines in the yachting industry throughout his illustrious career. The designer recently achieved international acclaim for the design of the exceptional trimaran superyacht White Rabbit. Designed in conjunction with superyacht builder Echo Yachts, White Rabbit is the largest privately owned trimaran in the world at 84m. 

To demonstrate the utter flexibility and range of this talented designer, the elegant lines of Top 100 superyachts such as 88.5m Barbara and 88.5m Nirvana adorn his portfolio - both designed inside and out by Sorgiovanni - alongside an easy prowess in the field of 50-100m+ build. No project is too large or too small for Sorgiovanni to take onboard and grace with his distinctive touch, nor too ambitious, elegant, classic or contemporary. 

The philosophy at the heart of Sorgiovanni Designs' studio is that a yacht is a reflection of a clients' character. In this way, Sorgiovanni will also take great care and pay close attention to the personality and ambitions of each client, so that this is reflected in his or her superyacht down to the most intricate detail. 

In terms of exterior styling, Sorgiovanni Designs' services encompass each stage of the exterior design process, including overall styling, technological integration, architectural details and custom design aspects.