German efficiency and engineering coupled with the team's passion for sailing, hydrodynamics and engineering is what makes each yacht designed by Judel / Vrolijk & Co. stand apart. 

Founding partner Rolf Vrolijk established the firm with a wealth of expertise in what makes a world-class sailing yacht, himself chief designer for the America's Cup team Alinghi and playing a decisive role in enabling a European yacht to win the prestigious title for the first time in history. 

Judel / Vrolijk & Co. approaches each new project with the best in cutting-edge technology, with the purpose of pushing the boundaries further and further with every decision. The company philosophy is one of constant improvement, which has led to the firm bringing the world some of its most iconic, high-performance and visually stunning sailing yachts.

By bringing naval architecture and design in-house, Judel / Vrolijk & Co. is able to apply a truly holistic approach to every new project, with a smooth and refined workflow under one roof valuing the virtues of openness, collaboration and self-improvement. The company is dedicated to realising clients' dreams, and believes each project is a reflection of an owner's character and spirit, deserving of the passion Judel / Vrolijk brings to building it. 

Judel / Vrolijk & Co. also operates an international brokerage branch, with bases in Bremerhaven, Germany, and Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Using its strong network of industry representatives, Judel / Vrolijk & Co. is able to supply a complete and client-oriented portfolio to the yachting industry.