Whether it’s building the world’s fastest racing yachts, a performance luxury yacht, a submarine to explore the Mariana Trench, a specialised component for a Formula One racing team, or developing solutions for architects, scientists and defence organisations, McConaghy has a proven track record of delivering on complex composite projects.

McConaghy boats was founded by John McConaghy in 1967, building 12, 16, and 18 foot skiffs, Tornado and A-class catamarans, moths and other high performance dinghies. Early boats were built of plywood, quickly after McConaghy began engineering and perfecting the vacuum formed foam sandwich, fibreglass / Kevlar construction method, which proved an immediate success.

As the company’s reputation grew, so did McConaghy's research and development into pre-preg composite techniques earning them a reputation as the best in the business and making the McConaghy name synonymous with light, strong and stiff laminated structures.

In the year 2000, long term McConaghy employees, Jono Morris and Mark Evans embraced the opportunity to take over the company from founder John McConaghy and long time business partner Steve Moxham. Since that time, the company has continued to pursue a very conservative financial strategy while also diversifying to extend its revenue base, a strategy that has seen it triple in size in the past decade.

n 2006, the company expanded and opened a 2,500 square meter facility in China which has since grown to 10,000m2 producing yachts ranging from Mach 2 foiling moths and the Olympic Class Elliott 6m, to Volvo 70 and America's Cup racers, luxury custom motor yachts and a whole range of industrial solutions and products including hovercrafts and their technically challenging carbon fibre propellers.

With manufacturing bases in Australia and China, McConaghy now deploys its wealth of talent across a number of different divisions, extending the strong commercial platform that has allowed it to defy industry trends and continues to thrive even in the toughest economic conditions.

The company was further strengthened in early 2014 with the signing of an investment agreement with Hong Kong based Tiger Group Investments, a prominent commercial marine company led by keen yachtsman Graham Porter. The new partnership with Tiger Group provides capital for investment in state of the art facilities, machinery and equipment at McConaghy’s operations in China and Sydney.

In 2014 McConaghy expanded its operation to New Zealand securing key engineering design and management personnel who provide detailed design and project management support to the McConaghy Group.

McConaghy is privately owned by Mark Evans and Tiger Group Investments the group has no debt, and owns all of its equipment. The company currently employs 200+ staff and operates from facilities in Australia, China and Hong Kong.