TDoS is a multi-national design firm with offices in Höganäs Sweden, Wroclaw Poland, Miami USA and Singapore in South-East Asia. The team at TDoS are not just talented designers; their extensive wealth of contacts and deep-rooted networks in the supply chains, as well as cutting-edge resource and technology, set this pioneering firm a cut above the rest.

TDoS approaches every yacht project for what it is; a truly unique home-away-from-home and reflection of the owner’s character and desires. They know that yachts are more than just a means of getting from A to B, and the meticulous care and effort that goes into every project. With a skilled project manager and a multi-disciplined team of 100 creatives and professionals, TDoS is able to assist on every query along the way. Providing complete exterior and interior design, specialised studios for luxury features and a graphic and signage studio, TDoS always assures the highest level of discretion and attention. With extensive material resource and suppliers, they are able to source even the most difficult-to-curate materials and ensure your project is exactly as you dreamed it would be.

At the heart of every successful business is a strong company ethos. At TDoS, creativity is at the heart of every project undertaken. From the initial sketches to final delivery, the team at TDoS is motivated by a pure love for good design. This is encouraged by a culture of collaboration and consensus, as well as constant strive to think outside the box and predict clients’ desires and dreams.

Design Process
In every project TDoS structures creative ideas through an integrated methodology that pinpoints all the steps, from initial idea to crafted manufacturing. This helps to develop the best design solutions in close collaboration with clients and their strategic intent. The methodology is divided into three main phases: Envision, Shape and Realize.

In line with its culture as a forward-thinking company, TDoS has a clear vision of the future as one we need to protect. TDoS knows the importance of our output and position of influence, and aims to lead the way within sustainable design. From developing environmentally friendly materials to assessing internal workflow processes, TDoS is always looking for ways to mitigate our harmful output on the ocean that brings us together in the first place.