In fact, Fincantieri Yachts can translate the most advanced technological solutions into a unique lifestyle experience onboard, while also infusing each yacht with elegance, beauty and the unique flavour of Italian creativity, to maintain its premium value over the course of the boat’s lifetime. 

Fincantieri Yachts belongs to Fincantieri, the leading Western shipbuilder, with a turnover above 5 Billion Euro, a current order book of about 32 billion Euros, a network made up of 20 shipyards, 3 design centres, a research centre in the naval field, two production sites dedicated to the manufacturing of systems and mechanical components and staff of more than 19,000 people. With a history spanning over 200 years and 7000 vessels built, Fincantieri is one of the largest, most experienced and diversified shipbuilders in the world, world leader in the cruise ships and large ferries sector, offering a diversified range of vessels including naval surface ships, submarines and offshore vessels.

The cornerstone of Fincantieri’s ability to produce high-quality superyachts is its background in ship design and construction. The shipyard has built some of the most advanced ships in the world while setting many records, from building the first submarine to reach the Mariana Trench (11,033m deep) in 1960, to creating the Alliance, the world’s most silent ship, in 1986, and the most silent submarine in 2007, to producing the Destriero, which still holds the blue ribbon with a 65 knots peak speed and Atlantic cross at 53 knots average.

Fincantieri transfers its advanced technologies to yachting and adds the special elements that characterise a superyacht. The shipyard’s highly qualified workforce, meanwhile, combines top managerial and technical skills with expertise ranging from shipbuilding to marketing, from industrial production to luxury, from project management to quality control. The company also has a large, dedicated engineering department, well connected to Fincantieri centres of excellence.

With such a wide range of expertise to draw on, Fincantieri can put together the perfect team for each element of a vessel’s design and construction. As well as being creative and flexible, Fincantieri is attentive to the needs of its clients. While every yacht benefits from the shipbuilder’s experience and advanced technology, each Fincantieri yacht is unique – a dedicated interpretation of its owner’s dreams.

Fincantieri Yachts is based in the Muggiano Yard near La Spezia. With a workforce of 750, including hundreds of skilled craftsmen, a dedicated Yacht Design Department and a Project Management organization, Muggiano has 60,000 square metres of covered space, so essential for achieving a true “yacht finish”, and a global reputation for excellence in high-tech, high-quality and high-performance vessels. The company recently invested in specialized new machinery, facilities and technology to make the yard the absolutely perfect environment for creating ocean-going masterpieces.

After delivery, Fincantieri Yachts offers high-level servicing and maintenance, with two dedicated yards: one at Muggiano, La Spezia and the other at Arsenale Triestino San Marco in Trieste. Here, specialist personnel offer every service, from routine maintenance to complex upgrades and conversions


Fincantieri Yachts has delivered in 2011 her first mega yacht, Serene, a 134m yacht which, when launched, is considered a masterpiece for level of luxury, quality and technical challenge. In 2014 has delivered, Hull 6218 Ocean Victory, a seven- deck motor yacht of 140 meters in length, whose contract, signed in December 2009, was the first order for a yacht longer than 80meters signed after the beginning of the financial crisis in October 2008.

Not all yacht owners have the same ideas. Some want to create, with their own designers, completely new, unique and distinctive vessels, specifically designed to their own vision, and FY is ready to develop and build these projects for them.

But other owners prefer to build upon an exclusive existing design. So, for them, Fincantieri Yachts joined with some of the world’s most prestigious international yacht designers to create concept designs to stimulate the mind of the future owners. The latest were presented and displayed in all the most important boat shows around the world: “Mirage” 106 metres, presented at the latest edition of the Monaco Yachts Show, “Griffin ”, 66 metres unveiled at Versilia Yachting Randez Vous and many others, such as “Ganimede” 110 metres, “Private Bay” 123 metres, “Sundance” and “Linea” both 90 metres, “Ottantacinque” 85 metres, and many others. Although technically detailed, these concept designs are intended to be adapted to any owner’s specific desires.