This success was initially based on the foresight of the company's founder, but in fifty years it has grown thanks to the work of architects, engineers and designers to reach its current leading position.
Today, engineering and R&D co-exist with the craftsman like spirit which every boat keeps intact, confirming their thoroughly Italian origins.
Thanks to this formidable combination of expertise and know-how, Ferretti Yachts has been the leader in its industry since 1968, currently covering the flybridge sector with planing vessels from 45 to 96 feet which are objects of desire for boat owners all over the world.
As widely and frequently recognised by experts and enthusiasts, Ferretti Yachts is the ultimate in Italian Nautical Intelligence, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018.


All Ferretti Yachts models are produced in Italy, at the Group's shipyards in Forlì and Cattolica, Emilia-Romagna and are the result of the partnership between the Ferretti Group's Strategic Product Committee, Marketing Department and the Engineering Department alongside Architect Filippo Salvetti for the Exterior Design and Studio Ideaeitalia for the interior design of the Ferretti Yachts fleet.

The Ferretti Yachts style, recognised and appreciated by yacht owners from all over the world, features a classical yet contemporary design which combines traditional taste, dictated by continuity with the lines established over the brand's history, with aesthetic and functional elements taken from the most advanced design.

With the incessant aim of developing new international markets, Ferretti Yachts has in recent years designed various alternative interior layouts, as well as different flybridge versions.
These options have satisfied the specific requirements of yacht owners from the many different countries in which the brand operates alongside the rest of the Group.