Ocean Alexander has developed its sterling engineering reputation under the leadership of the same family dynasty that founded it. That family partnership continues today, and its insistence on quality extends throughout its manufacturing process.

The shipyard knows that every yacht is an Owner's dream. An object of artistic excellence and an engineering masterpiece. But Ocean Alexander goes further than this. Drawing on its boating knowledge and breadth of experience in the yachting industry, Ocean Alexander is obsessed with providing clients' with exactly what they want. That is performance, comfort, cutting-edge technology and jaw-dropping aesthetics. That is an Ocean Alexander yacht. 

Ocean Alexander is passionate about proving that their yachts' unmistakable splendour and engineering excellence will never fail clients. They are fanatical about performance. Gripped with the idea that any object this wondrous and rare, and deserves to be constantly examined and refined.

Every Ocean Alexander yacht is the product of passionate people infused with tremendous talent. With factories in both Taiwan and China, Ocean Alexander adheres to stringent standards (ABYC, ABS, ISO) and employs Asia's premier craftsmen to build its boats. This is because Ocean Alexander knows that a yacht is not just a dream, but a reflection of an Owner's character and desires. This is why Ocean Alexander channels 100% of its energy, expertise and shipbuilding prowess into what it does.