While other designs are capable of higher speeds, they rarely are able to maintain these speeds in anything but the calmest of conditions. Nordhavns, on the other hand, are designed to run at their cruising speeds day in and day out in all kinds of weather and seas, often arriving at their destination well ahead of “faster” boats.

And since weight is not a performance issue, Nordhavns can be built to heavy scantlings, meaning they are strong, rugged and able to take years of hard use and still look and feel like new. In fact, the resale value of the Nordhavn brand is among the highest in the boating industry.

With more than three decades of boat building experience, Nordhavn has honed its craft through practical knowledge. Each of the company’s three owners has logged thousands of miles on Nordhavns – including a circumnavigation of a production Nordhavn 40 in 2001-02. Add to this the fact that every single one of our Nordhavns has been designed and engineered by Naval Architect and Nordhavn owner, Jeff Leishman, and his team, plus, all have been built by the same two partner factories in Taiwan and China – and you get an idea for the thorough understanding we have of our boats. Voyagers look to this expertise when considering what boat will give them the most confidence at sea, so it’s no surprise that more people choose Nordhavns to circumnavigate and cross oceans in than any other brand.

Now, the first name in Expeditionary Yachts is also a recognized superyacht builder. Designed and built to comply with any international classification required, our 86-foot and 120-foot Nordhavns provide their owners safe, comfortable, easy-to-manage world traveling; along with the confidence of an excellent investment with a celebrated brand. Imagination is the only limit to what can be created. Our engineers and factory craftsmen will work in consort with your designers to help you produce a benchmark in yachting history.

The Nordhavn line-up runs from the smallest at 47 feet to the N120, along with such innovative models as the 59 Coastal Pilot, the 56-foot Motorsailer and the 75 Expedition Yacht Fisher, as well as the brand new Nordhavn 80. With such a diverse line-up, there is something to serve every yachtsman’s tastes and needs.

There’s so much more about Nordhavn to be appreciated. Get additional information by visiting Nordhavn.com or contacting your local sales office.