The company recently announced its latest global expansion move, establishing its first service point covering the Central America and Caribbean area and opening a second representative office in Antibes (the other in based in Monaco).

In addition to its significant facilities, mainly including: the 3.300-ton syncrolift and the 560-ton travel lift in Ancona, the 410-ton travel lift in Malta, the climate-controlled paint watershed in Marseille, the 520-ton travel lift in Naples, the 820-ton travel lift in Savona, Palumbo Superyachts’ network also caters for: a 500sqm showroom, specialized yacht chandlers in all the yards, many auxiliary services dedicated to crew management and including recreation and refreshment areas, gym, restaurant, spa, wellness center, yacht concierge and accommodation facilities for up to 108 guests.

Palumbo SY Refit provides customers with a wide range of multitasking and time sensitive services, together with well stocked chandlers and fleet support for all brands of the network.

52.000 sqm
559,723 sqf

Provided with the largest syncrolift platform within the Adriatic Sea, Palumbo Superyachts Refit Ancona has developed strong expertise in the refit, repair, maintenance and conversion of superyachts.
Large temperature-controlled workshops provide a comfortable work environment all year round. Spare parts and tools may be ordered directly at the yard.
Strategically nested in the heart of the busiest superyacht hubs of the Adriatic Sea, less than 15 km away from an International commercial and private Airport, the yard is capable of dealing with superyachts of all types and dimensions.

45.000 sqm
484,376 sqf

Located in Malta’s Grand Harbour, with an unrestricted entrance to the Yard, Palumbo Superyachts Refit Malta represents the only hub for any refit, repair, maintenance and conversion services to major superyachts in the harbour of Malta.
Served by one of the biggest docks in Europe and also provided with a covered one, the yard is an essential part of this important maritime cluster.

35.000 sqm
376,736 sqf

Located in the well-sheltered area of Marseille’s main harbour and operating the only superyacht paint watershed in the area, Palumbo Superyachts Refit Marseille, in the south coast of France, is the backbone of superyacht refit, repair, maintenance and conversion services. Temperature-controlled workshops provide a comfortable work environment all year round.
Spare parts and tools may be ordered directly at the yard.

21.800 sqm
234,653 sqf

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean in one of the largest and busiest Italian ports, the Palumbo Superyachts Naples facility is where most of the experience in the construction and repair of Government and commercial vessels was gathered.
With over 50 years of track record in shipbuilding, refit, repair, maintenance and conversion, Naples rightfully holds the title of headquarters of the Palumbo Superyachts Refit network.
The yard provides a broad range of highly qualified services for any yacht type and size.

30.000 sqm
323,000 sqf
Palumbo Superyachts Refit Savona is conveniently nestled in the Port of Savona. Covering a considerable area, featuring one of the biggest travel lifts in the Med, the shipyard has a long history and well-established international reputation in yacht building and refitting.
In the middle of one of the most beautiful coastlines of the Italian peninsula, and just about 120 kilometres away from Montecarlo, the shipyard is within easy reach from Genoa Int.l Airport, and from Albenga Private Int.l Airport.