Based in the Australian Marine Complex near Perth, Western Australia, Echo Yachts provides a unique opportunity for full custom superyacht projects of all hull configurations. Echo Yachts has gained a unique pedigree for quality following the delivery of award-winning superyachts Charley and White Rabbit, and the shipyard continues to work on ground-breaking projects of the future

With benefits including outstanding in-house expertise, an advanced-technology shipbuilding industry and the historically advantageous Australian Dollar, Echo Yachts is ideally placed to realise your dream of a full custom superyacht.

Full Custom Superyachts

Echo Yachts specialises in bespoke design and custom built superyacht projects that are tailored to individual preferences so you can imprint your own creative design ideas and personality into your superyacht. Strong relationships with leading international yacht designers and naval architects ensure that Echo Yachts remains at the forefront of innovative superyacht designs and platforms.

All Hull Configurations

Echo Yachts is not bound by limits to what can be produced. The shipyard can deliver full custom superyacht projects across all hull forms, with award winning catamaran and trimaran superyachts among its fleet and an exciting portfolio of monohull designs.

Echo Yachts is able to develop unique and creative solutions to realize even the most ambitious superyacht projects. Owners know that whatever their dream yacht may be, it can be turned into reality by the team at Echo Yachts. Maximising the use of onboard space, unprecedented levels of onboard comfort, and highly innovative eco-efficient platforms are all traits of a custom Echo Yachts superyacht project.

Superyacht Portfolio

Echo Yachts is perhaps best known for delivering the award-winning 84m trimaran superyacht, White Rabbit. Delivered in 2018, the 2940GT White Rabbit re-imagined the possibilities of superyachts in terms of power/fuel efficiency, performance, comfort, and use of space. The Sam Sorgiovanni designed superyacht boats a striking and elegant profile, with an innovative diesel-electric engineering platform developed by Echo Yachts in collaboration with One2Three Naval Architects. White Rabbit is proof that no superyacht project is too ambitious for the team at Echo Yachts, and that the creation of your dream yacht can be handled from design, through build, to delivery at Echo Yachts.

M/Y White Rabbit features palatial interior accommodation and entertaining spaces and vast exterior dining and sunbathing areas within the enormous 20m vessel beam (width). Large open-plan lounges, dining and bar areas intertwine throughout the Maindeck enabling large-scale functions and gatherings with ease. Spacious and sumptuous Master, VIP and Guest Cabins adorn the Upper, Main and Lower decks. Entertainment zones comprising a dedicated Cinema Room, Karaoke, Piano lounge and Games areas.

M/Y White Rabbit’s tri-hull provides significant powering and fuel efficiency gains <40% better than traditional monohulled superyachts of same GT volume. At 2940GT, 84m long and 20m beam, M/Y White Rabbit delivers optimal seakeeping, stability and passenger comfort. With a top speed of 19 knots and transatlantic range of 5000 nautical miles, White Rabbit ensures significant long-range cruising with ease. Featuring a world-first tri-hull diesel electric propulsion system layout, variable pitch Rolls Royce propellers and Schottel pump-thrusters, M/Y White Rabbit provides optimal propulsion, fuel efficiency and extremely low noise and vibration levels due to the unique positioning and isolation of noise generating equipment possible with the trimaran hull.

51m Catamaran motoryacht M/Y Charley was delivered by Echo Yachts in 2017 and was a finalist in the 2018 World Superyacht Awards. The custom adventure cruiser and fully equipped shadow vessel features Naval Architecture by LoMocean Naval Architects and is proudly engineered by Echo Yachts’ in-house team.

M/Y Charley provides fast, efficient and stable cruising for wreck finding, diving and fishing adventures, plus specialised yacht support functions to M/Y White Rabbit with provision of helipad, large 12m catamaran dive tender, dive rooms, diving de-compression chamber and a plethora of other watercraft. Powered by twin Cummins 2013kW diesel engines and fixed pitch propellers, M/Y Charley provides a top speed of 20 knots and a cruising range of 3,000 nautical miles at 16 knots. Designed for optimal seakeeping and fuel efficiency, M/Y Charley is the largest vacuum infused composite vessel built in Australia. Robust engineering systems and easy-care hotel interiors are designed specifically for constant low maintenance adventure cruising.

Superyacht Concepts

Monohull: The Echo Yachts range of conventional design solutions boasts thrilling monohull superyachts developed in collaboration with Sorgiovanni Designs. Echo’s EY series includes models EY60, EY70 and EY80, ranging from 60 to 80 metres in length. The superyachts feature abundant luxury amenities and deliver high performance for explorer capabilities. All superyachts in the EY series can be customised or totally re-designed to the client’s exact requirements to guarantee a personal and bespoke-built yacht.

Catamaran: Following the success of 56m Charley, Echo Yachts has developed an exciting range of catamaran adventure and support yachts. The projects feature exquisite modern styling from internationally acclaimed studios Bannenberg & Rowell and Misha Merzliakhov. Bannenberg & Rowell’s 50m Catamaran Adventure Yacht is a voluminous luxury superyacht that fuses both form and function to create a stable and efficient catamaran hull form for long range cruising. The Misha Merzliakhov-designed 27m Catamaran Pleasure Yacht and Shadow Vessel are ideal options for stand-alone adventure or fast support for a mothership. The unique yachts have incredible amenities and onboard luxury that is more in tune with a much larger category of superyachts, while both can reach impressive top speeds of 25 knots.

Trimaran: The Echo Yachts portfolio of trimaran superyachts ranges from the 38m TSY38 all the way up to the 120m TSY120. TSY38 and TSY40 have been developed by Echo Yachts with multihull design specialists One2Three Naval Architects to offer a super-fast foiling trimaran sports series of high-performance power yachts. Echo has also continued to work on ground-breaking trimaran projects with designer Sam Sorgiovanni, after 84m White Rabbit stunned the world in 2018. TSY105 is a 105m superyacht with resort-like guest areas, along with performance efficiency and stability that would give White Rabbit a run for her money. TSY120 is a larger concept which delivers progressive contemporary styling, advanced hybrid diesel electric propulsion arrangement, with an extremely stable, fast and fuel-efficient trimaran hull including “at speed” ride control and optional “zero speed” Gyro motion control. All Echo Yachts trimaran projects harness the full potential of the platform to offer phenomenal space and comfort onboard.

Specialised trades

Echo Yachts boasts a multi-disciplined in-house team of highly skilled designers, trades and craftspeople. All Echo Yachts teams work in harmony to deliver the same consistently high standard of service, engineering, workmanship and finish across all newbuild, refit, maintenance and repair projects.


Echo Yachts operate world class superyacht manufacturing and maintenance facilities on the waterfront at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia.

103m and 80m shipbuilding halls are supported by Design and Project offices, 5 axis NC machining, Engineering, Electrical and Fitout workshops.

Extensive wet-berth and hard-stand space is available to visiting superyachts for all facets of in-water work or haul-out services. Superyacht re-painting is undertaken within the build halls or within tented paint enclosures on the hardstand according to client requirements.

Multiple haul-out options comprising an 800-tonne slipway with transfer trolley system, 8000 tonne sycrolift and 12,000 tonne floating dock are available with transfers via state-of-the-art SMPT remote control trailers.


In addition to Echo Yachts’ award winning newbuild projects, recent refit and maintenance projects have included an assortment of 40 – 60m LOA superyachts and explorer vessel works programs with examples including:

• Full vessel re-painting
• 10 & 20 year major survey works programs
• New structural works including helicopter landing pad manufacture & addition
• Hull and tank replating
• Engineering & Electrical re-furbishment works
• Engine and Generator replacements and rebuilds
• Exterior & Interior Fitout refit & refurbishment works

Superyachts undergoing refit or maintenance projects at Echo Yachts will be able to take advantage of the mammoth infrastructure in place while resting assured that the specialised teams will give the attention to detail and care that a superyacht requires.