In the past 12 years, Ava Yachts has developed and engineered the designs of many remarkable yachts in wide variety of Luxury Explorer Yachts, Motor and Sailing Yachts, Steel, Aluminum, Wooden, Grp structure boats and more. Today AvA Yachts, with more than 3500 sq.meters closed yard based in Antalya, highly skilled and competitive Turkish workforce, and with the infrastructures on Yacht Building field of Antalya FreeZone, moderate climate condition of Antalya city, has been building one 27m long, ice classed, sailing explorer yacht and two sisters, 26m long, aluminum flybridge motor yachts / motor sailers as well as new build, 34m long, steel hull aluminum superstructure, MCA compliant explorer motor yacht KANDO. AvA Yachts has taken a new order for a new build yacht, sister of KANDO. AvA Yachts provides the owners to have high quality crafted brilliant yachts with very competitive costs. Having a knowledge on this advantageous condition of AvA Yachts, we purpose to make harden our place among reputable, well known yacht builders in the world.

AvA Yachts approaches every new project in aspect of a style of design and engineering challenge and specialized on engineering of Long range Explorer Yachts. Explorer or expedition yachts are known with their longer-range cruising capability compared to the other conventional motor yachts. They are designed to carry high amount of fuel as much as possible, even though the volume that is reserved for the storage of fuel steal precious volumes from the accommodation spaces and causes yacht to have heavier displacement. However, it is a good compromise if you can provide the guests to cruise long voyages with comfort. That is the key factor bringing us more freedom; "go longest voyages with comfort". Explorer yachts enable the owners to arrive. Explorer yachts enable the owners to arrive through oceans, anywhere they desire. That's freedom. That is enough adventure that makes explorer yachts so appealing.