T Fotiadis Design believes in approaching projects differently. Bringing a fresh, holistic and flexible attitude to each new project, the talented team at T Fotiadis Design listens carefully to each clients' wishes and formulates the most effective and outside-the-box route of achieving them. At the heart of this is a philosophy that through design, everything is possible. T Fotiadis Design prides itself on taking risks with design, bending the norms and achieving the impossible. 

T Fotiadis Design operates a number of services throughout the design journey, and is available for everything from specific part consultation through to full project design. 

Conceptualisation & Design

Across exterior and interior design, Theodoros Fotiadis and the talented team at the studio will listen carefully to the wishes and objectives of the client. The studio is a hub of creativity, and will always aim for truly bespoke in its creations. T Fotiadis Design will select furniture and source interior fittings, taking the hassle away from the design journey and leaving clients free to achieve their vision unencumbered.

Unique Presentation & Styling

T Fotiadis Design uses state-of-the-art technology, including 3D visualizations and 360 panoramic VR footage to bring life to design. Taking design from the imagination to the drawing board, T Fotiadis Design's unique and characteristic style is aimed to support, illustrate and bring life to its clients' visions. 

Delivering Clients' Wishes

T Fotiadis Design can support the exterior and interior design throughout the life of the project, or can be consulted for inspection and approval before delivery. This high standard of impeccable design combined with utter flexibility and a client-oriented approach is what makes T Fotiadis Design a cut above the rest. 

Each project brought to life by T Fotiadis Design is aimed at laying waste to the status quo. This is evidenced in the daring lines and onboard technology of the 115m Stormbreaker concept, also available in 91m and listed for sale with SuperyachtsMonaco.