Heike and Michael Köhler, who have spent 6,000 days aboard cruising more than 75,000 miles all around the world, founded SILENT-YACHTS. In 2009, they launched the SOLARWAVE 46, the first fully self-sufficient blue-water catamaran, after years of testing solar-powered propulsion. The company has been building boats for 10 years. During the last three years, they have delivered more than a dozen solar powered catamarans, 12 yachts are right now under construction in four different sizes in four different production sites. In February 2018, the SILENT 64 cruised the North Atlantic in 16 days, with no sun for over a week.


SILENT-YACHTS current range: SILENT 55, SILENT 60, SILENT 80 and 80 Tri-Deck.

SILENT-YACHT owners and founders

Michael Köhler,LL.M.–Founder and CEO SILENT-YACHTS Austria

Heike Köhler, co-Founder and Associate