You and your boat are in expert hands with the marine industry’s most experienced and highly skilled operators all working together to alleviate and remove the pressure points of boating. Over 80 on-site trades are employing over 700 marine-related contractors all collaborating to get you back on the water faster and for longer.

We’ve been together now for nearly 20 years and in that time we’ve lifted, maintained, repaired, refitted and built well in excess of 50,000 vessels. Together we have learnt, we have innovated and we have collaborated to become an international benchmark in the marine industry and Australia’s most awarded marina and shipyard.

GCCM is also the official agent for Seal Superyachts on the East Coast of Australia. Seal Superyachts is the premier superyacht support agency spanning the Indian Ocean, Asia and Pacific regions. With our vast experience with superyachts and a wide network of industry contacts we are well prepared to provide refit, maintenance and shore support services for vessels up to 2,500 tonne.