Our well-equipped facility which is supported by an extensive network of on-site marine trades allows us to complete a wide range of new construction projects, repairs, conversions and refits to our local and international superyachts.

With over 80 years combined marine industry experience which includes a team of Superyacht captains, engineers, and project managers we can completely understand the needs of our Superyacht customers to pre-empt many of their requirements.

Our private facility with 24-hour access remains unrivalled through our ability to accommodate emergency, surveys, repairs, refits, engineering, construction, and turnkey solutions to the superyacht market.
 We pride ourselves on our:

• Ability to accommodate moving schedules and timelines.
• Ability to execute complex dockings safely and efficiently.
• Ability to provide project management for our superyacht customers.
• Commitment to safety where risk is managed and quality of work is maximised.

Our service remains unrivalled through our ability to accommodate surveys, repairs, refits, engineering, construction and turnkey solutions to the Superyacht market. Providing a complete package to our customers has allowed us to be named as a preferred Superyacht centre within the industry.