British engineering firm BMT Nigel Gee joined forces with Dutch shipbuilder Oceanco to form Lateral Naval Architects. The result is a specialised team of talented engineers, architects and designers who are able to draw on the resources and know-how of two giants in the yachting and shipping industries. 

The team at Lateral brings together over 50 multinational and specialised staff to bring the very best talent to their variety of projects. 

Lateral Naval Architects' modus operandi is pushing the boundaries of engineering and design. Anticipating and building on owners' desires before they have even been conceived, Lateral is at the very forefront of innovation in modern yacht design and architecture. Having worked on such iconic yachts as 109m Project Bravo, 106.7m Black Pearl and 85.6m Aquila, there is no doubt that the team at Lateral know exactly what goes into building a true icon of the sea.

Lateral Naval Architects are committed to making yachting a more eco-conscious field. Brought together by a shared passion for sailing, the team at Lateral are motivated by leaving our seas in the same condition as we found them, and are constantly pushing the agenda for alternative fuel sources and greener practices.