Malcolm McKeon has been a leading designer in the superyacht industry for over 30 years. His portfolio includes more than 200 sailing and motor yachts, 50 of them in excess of 30m in length. Malcolm’s inspirational conceptual work, space planning, exterior styling and construction have reaped multiple international design awards.

A long-standing association with world-leading shipyards, mast makers, interior designers, equipment and specialist service providers adds an unparalleled synergy to the design process. A green approach to projects, reducing construction and operational costs, is a key consideration for designs of the future.


Every owner’s vision is unique; Malcolm McKeon’s personalised commitment to every design is directed to translating the owner’s vision into reality.

In addition to his technical expertise and long-standing experience in the superyacht arena, Malcolm brings a strong artistic element to his design work. His eye for line and proportion is expressed in a line-up of contemporary yachts that are acclaimed both for their form and function.

The team of Naval Architects and technical specialists at Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design offers an innovative approach to styling, which, combined with advanced engineering solutions, ensures each yacht performs to its full potential.

The process involves a collaboration of talents all working towards the realisation of the client’s ultimate vision. As in any creative venture, the relationship between client, designer and the various project partners is fundamental to a successful outcome.


The design process is split into phases, beginning with the initial consultation and continuing through to sail trials and delivery with Malcolm lending his experience and expertise to every step of the journey.

Once an initial concept is agreed, drawings and data are developed to ensure that the layout, performance and overall concept meet the design brief. During this process, weight and performance comparisons can be made for construction and outfitting material options. At the completion of this stage, there will be sufficient information for an experienced shipyard to cost the project.

The final design phase is to complete a full set of layout and structural drawings to enable a shipyard to obtain classification and flag approval for construction of the vessel.

Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design remains closely involved throughout the build, visiting the shipyard and liaising with the interior designer, project management team and the various suppliers.


The challenge of yacht design involves a continuing drive to develop and refine hull forms for improved efficiency both in terms of streamlining profiles, and for weight and cost savings.

Whether the project is classic or avant garde, sail or power, each design is taken through an extensive research and development program utilising sophisticated analytical tools to deliver optimum results.

Computer Fluid Dynamics, towing tank and wind tunnel testing is carried out, confirming performance prediction calculations and exploring the benefits and limitations of different hull and appendage configurations.

A similar rigorous approach is applied to on-board domestic and operational systems to ensure the day-to-day running of the yacht is smooth, efficient and reliable.