Arksen was founded with a mission to “create the world’s largest purpose-built private marine research fleet”, to “inspire a new generation of explorer, sailor, adventurer and scientist”, and has gained rapid momentum ever since. 


By combining the latest hybrid propulsion technologies, state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems, each vessel is part of a new revolution within the marine industry, along with a fresh approach to offshore passage making. With sustainability and preservation in mind, meticulous in their choice of materials, technologies, and processes, Arksen’s focus is to create a new wave of sustainable marine adventure that has respect for our earth’s ecology.


Arksen are unlike no other in their commitment to a eco-consciousness – one that is rooted in protecting our seas and the joy of exciting, spontaneous experiences rather than ownership alone. Extinctions from habitat loss and climate change within our seas are accelerating at alarming rates.

Their design process has been carefully designed to minimise environmental impact and take full advantage of recyclability. By collaborating with manufacturing and engineering companies that share the same holistic and environmental values, this has allowed their design team to understand their own limitations, and ultimately move forward in the right direction.

Authentic Explorer Vessels

Designed for explorers and made for adventure, Arksen’s vessels have been created to meet the requirements for true explorer vessels in the 20 to 30m range. In terms of engineering, efficiency, range, environmental impact, life-cycle management, usage opportunities and maintenance, the Arksen Series stand out. Interior layouts can be reconfigured for leisure, research and commercial purposes. 

By harnessing the latest technologies and ownership models, Arksen have created a series of platforms to inspire the next generation of explorers to embark on their dream adventures.

Safety and stability

To ensure safety and stability, Arksen vessels are designed and built with MCA Cat 0 (unrestricted) certification, which is well in-excess of the compulsory requirements of a sub-24m recreational boat. All critical systems onboard Arksen vessels have at least dual redundancy. Equipment, materials, and arrangements are chosen based on the highest standards of quality, robustness, and maintainability, from suppliers with extensive support networks.


The Arksen hull design is developed by Humphreys Yacht Design, who have extensive experience in the design of super-efficient racing yachts, as well as long-range cruising yachts. If you’re seeking a green approach to yachting with unlimited access to the beauty that our oceans have to offer, look no further than Arksen.


Each base vessel is designed to allow a variety of usage profiles, whether as a yacht for short trips to the Mediterranean, weekend getaways, or a serious expedition to more remote parts of the globe for scientific research of media productions. Each vessel can be tailored to every owner's unique desires. 


Originally the Arksen Foundation, Arksen Philanthropy provides funding, facilitates cutting-edge scientific research, and produces inspiring media to encourage a greater understanding of our oceans. 

Arksen are heavily involved in a number of educational and scientific projects dedicated to conservation, and encourage all of their vessel owners to sign up to the Sea Time Pledge, where they will have the opportunity to donate a portion of their yacht's annual sea time to venture waters in the name of research. Owners, along with their family and friends, are more than welcome to take part in this experience for the purpose of education and exposure to brand new perspectives on the water.

Explorer's Club

For those who are seeking adventure on a regular basis, owners will be pleased to know that they can join Arksen Explorers Club. The club offers both custom and curated expeditions, along with an exciting collection of adventures that are designed to enable friends and families to explore the world’s wilder lands and oceans with free reign and comfort. To deliver these initiatives, the Arksen team have put together an incredible itinerary of experiences, paired with an expert network of adventure professionals.

Ownership of an Arksen is not a status symbol. It is a statement of intent. Designed for explorers – made for adventure.