Bozca Design's outstanding superyacht projects are shifting the benchmark of conventional yacht design. Taking linear thought and pre-conceived notions and turning them on their heads, Bozca has achieved the extraordinary while always growing and predicting the clients' wishes before they are even fully realised. 

Bozca Design's approach is backed up by strong experience in automotive and transport design, specialising in digital modelling. Far more than just an aesthetic stylist, Bozca has completed a number of creative design projects and special commissions on both a team and individual basis, always putting forth his own very signature approach. 

One of the most innovative and up-and-coming designers of his generation, Timur Bozca's breadth of expertise extends to architecture, vehicle, yacht and aviation design. Drawing inspiration from nature, art, sculptures, religion and everyday life, Bozca has achieved the unimaginable on his ceaseless mission to fulfil his vision. 

With advanced modelling systems and technology, the dedicated team at Bozca Design are available for consultation at every stage of the design process.