In July 2015, the Carlyle Group acquired Lauderdale Marine Center and the 15 additional acres to the facility’s east known as River Bend. The group has since invested over $35 million into the facility. These investments highlight a company mission to provide a cooperative, customized yard experience that prioritizes choice and value.

On-site amenities include a 1500 square foot gym, upgraded Wi-Fi capabilities, and restaurant and bar which resides on a 5000 square foot floating dock platform.

LMC’s vision is to be recognized as the industry leading yacht repair and refit facility driven by their commitment to ‘A Yard Above’ customer experience through the integrity, innovation and collaboration of our team and partners. LMC’s team established a set of values they live by every day:

Genuine – Just Plain Real

Unparalleled Quality – A Yard Above

Confident – We Deliver

Passion – The Fuel That Drives Us

You’re All Set at LMC:
Lauderdale Marine Center, its onsite tenants and authorized contractors offer a breadth of services catered to the marine industry.

LMC has a full team to assist and show you ‘A Yard Above’ customer experience. Upon arrival to LMC, a friendly marina staff member will be there to greet and assist you with everything you need for your stay. When it comes to haul outs and launches, members of LMC’s dedicated 75-, 100-, 145-, 220-, or 485-ton teams are on hand to help. Vessels are provided a dedicated Account Manager who will be their primary point of contact prior to arrival, throughout their stay and even following departure. Rest assured that LMC’s dedicated security team is there to assist you 24/7/365. Safety should be a top priority at any boatyard, and LMC takes this responsibility seriously. LMC employs two full-time staff members to monitor, educate and prioritize Health, Safety and Environmental matters for the entire facility, including its employees and anyone who enters the facility. Lauderdale Marine Center also offers a certified Coatings Division that applies all types of antifouling systems to vessels. If you need a break from a day spent at the yard, head over to LMC’s Marina where you can sip and dine waterside from YOT Bar & Kitchen.

LMC’s Marketplace Model:
There is no better place for your repair and refit needs than Lauderdale Marine Center. Their unique Marketplace Model allows you to manage your yard projects the way you see fit, with no hidden fees or contractor markups. You can choose from more than 20 on-site tenants that represent all major shipyard trades, or work with any of the more than 300 local contractors who have met the LMC Authorization Requirements.

LMC’s Marine Foreign Trade Zone:
Lauderdale Marine Center, in partnership with the Marine Industries Association of South Florida, was designated as the first Marine Industry Foreign Trade Zone. In LMC’s FTZ, foreign flagged vessels can be shown and viewed year-round, without leaving U.S. waters. Some of the many benefits of the LMC FTZ is that it permits international builders to bring in inventory without the requirement of paying duties upon entry and provides the opportunity to recoup most of the duties previously paid on inventory imported into the United States.

LMC’s Reputation for Quality:
Lauderdale Marine Center is proud to claim an unparalleled reputation for quality around getting the job done to the highest standard. The best marine contractors and tenants in the global yachting industry are on hand to assist with your every yachting requirement. Guided by a comprehensive understanding of how important your project is, Lauderdale Marine Center will stop at nothing short of the best solution, which is why LMC partners with many notable tenants who also call LMC home. From marine contractors, brokerage houses like Northrop & Johnson, builders’ aftersales service centers including Cheoy Lee, The Ferretti Group and Princess, LMC is truly a one-stop shop for recreational superyachts.

Yard of Choice
Lauderdale Marine Center prides itself on numerous partnerships with the industry’s leading yacht and superyacht builders. This is why over 13 top international builders have designated Lauderdale Marine Center as their ‘Yard of Choice’ for aftermarket service, where builders can ease customers’ concerns and have the ability to provide the same level of customer experience LMC prides itself on for their customers.

Looking Ahead
Pleasure craft sales are increasing, and as such, the refit sector and owners’ desires to personalize their vessels continues to grow.

As LMC continues to build upon the infrastructure investments made in the past several years, they look to the customers’ experience and seek to ensure they come back to LMC. As a result, LMC in partnership with Boatyard, developed and launched a first-of-its-kind mobile application, providing customers a new way to communicate with the LMC team with an easy way to place reservation/service requests, access the LMC facility map and contractor directory, gather tide information and more.

As LMC continues to focus on the customer experience, employee engagement and leadership, they have developed and implemented training for staff, their management team, tenants and contractor partners.

LMC expects to see more unprecedented growth in yachting and will continue developing relationships with the most strategic partners, builders and contractors to raise the bar in the marine industry and ensure Fort Lauderdale remains the epicenter of recreational yachting.

LMC Refit Data:
2020 Stats (Up 10% YoY):
o 693-yard periods OF VESSELS >100’ 1/1/20-12/31/21
o Avg of 45 days
o 532 distinct vessels >100’
o 100 vessels > 100’ stayed over 90 days
o 103 paint jobs (full hull, full super structure or both on vessels of 100’)

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